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A Place For Good Bread

Home of good bread

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Finally introducing the cafe and bakery located in the North Avenue Academic Building (NAAB), Au Bon Pain is now open to all students and faculty. 

It is a new addition to the new building. The NAAB recently opened during the spring semester of 2017, but it was a project that was planned before the fall semester of 2016. This building became an addition to the expansion of the Kean University Union campus.

Not only do students and faculty from Kean University visit Au Bon Pain to have breakfast or lunch, but local residents come and pass by to hang out.

"I've only been there once," said Deonte' Griffen-Quick, senior theatre major. "One thing I like was the decor and set up of the cafe."

Many students find the new bakery aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. 

"I tried the cookies and some tomato mozzarella sandwich, and they were really good," said Diane Loegel, senior psychology major and criminal justice minor. "The ambiance is great. The North Ave [academic building] is a very beautiful building and Au Bon Pain fits in perfectly."

During the summer of 2017, Au Bon Pain opened up, offering freshly baked goods to the public. For the summer, Au Bon Pain will be following a different time schedule compared to the one that will be available during the fall and spring semesters. 

The bakery and cafe offers free wi-fi, indoor and outdoor seating, wheelchair access and accepts Cougar Dollars.

Their menu includes drinks like coffee, juice and water with bread like bagels and pastries like cookies.

"I like how it's slightly buffet style and they have a lot of options you don't really see anywhere else on campus," said Katarzyna Sierant, junior global business major. "The area is also awesome! There's room inside the building and outside to sit and eat." 

Au Bon Pain originated from Boston, MA in 1976 and has expanded throughout the United States. The phrase "Au Bon Pain" literally translates to "the good bread," showing off the great products they offer in their name. Kean University is proud to say that they finally have their own Au Bon Pain cafe and bakery.

From pastries to bread, students and faculty can now enjoy the many breakfast and lunch items offered at the cafe. Just like at Starbucks and Outtakes, there are refrigerated items in addition to items on the menu. The menu can be found on their website.

Go try it out and taste some good bread!

Author: Joanna Kristine Ninal
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