A Warm Welcome Presented by Student Organization

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A Warm Welcome Presented by Student Organization
Damion Wilson, President of Student Organization salutes new students as they join Kean University

Dear Kean University students,

On behalf of the Student Organization of Kean University and the full-time undergraduate student government, I would like to warmly welcome you into a brand new school year. We hope you enjoyed your summer, but as it comes to an end, we hope you’re ready to embark on a new journey of your life. Our goal in Student Organization is to be the voice for the undergraduate student body, and invest in fresh, engaging and imaginative administrations for your advancement. However, none of this could be achieved without you and your voice.

To all in the Class of 2021, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to Kean University. We are all eager to have you join the Kean University family and are excited for all the great achievements you will accomplish while enrolled at the best university in the world. Take advantage of all the different services that we have to offer for both your academic and co-curricular endeavors. Never forget the memories of your high school days, but remember to make new ones with new friends.

Our greatest advice to you is to GET INVOLVED starting now. Don’t wait until your sophomore, junior, or even senior year to get acclimated in the University. We understand this is your first year at a higher education institution and the challenges you will face here in college are things brand new to you. Take the opportunity to join any student group, participate in community service projects, experience living on-campus, working on-campus or even running for a position within the Class of 2021 Freshman Elections.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Apply that to your time here at Kean University. You have the power to change what you feel is most important to you and your college experience.

To all the new transfer students, we are beyond excited to have you join us this school year. Whether you’re a first year student or a transfer student, just remember here at Kean University the possibilities are endless as to what you will accomplish and I look forward to seeing you all grow.

To all the returning students, use the lessons you have learned throughout your experience to help guide and teach the new students the ropes and to better your years to come. Here at Kean University, we take pride in our family tradition, however, we wouldn’t have a community based family without you. Never underestimate your voice, work ethic or capabilities.

Finally, you are here at Kean University. Let’s make the best of it on our road to a fantastic school year. My team and I cannot wait to address any concerns that you may have and watch you enjoy this year. Thank you, Kean University community.


Damion Wilson
Student Organization of Kean University