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Alerting All Students!

These stations are spread all throughout campus

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Kean University does their best to ensure that everyone experiences a safe, protected and comfortable campus.

CampusAlert was purchased by Kean University in order for students to receive notifications and alerts about what is going on at the campus. The CampusAlert system specifically focuses on Campus Crisis Management and First Responder Communication provided by MIR3, so it will immediately share critical information to those who signed up for the alerts.

To be notified is free of charge and available to all students, faculty and staff. Those who signed up for the alerts have the option to receive text messages, e-mails, phone calls or all three. In addition, these alerts can be sent separately or all at once.

The CampusAlert system will provide the following information:

  • Emergency campus events. These are alerts that students and staff will receive pertaining to security-related incidents, utility shutdowns, weather related campus status and other advisories as events unfold.
  • Information technology. These are notification which provides a maximum warning for service disruption and recovery.
  • First responder mobilization. These alerts are sent to campus security, police, fire and emergency services automatically.

For anyone who is active on the Kean University campus,  it is recommended that they register for campus alerts as soon as possible. For the benefits of students, faculty and staff, it is important to be informed and updated with campus information.

In order to register and setup CampusAlert, one must:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create Account".
  3. Type in your Kean University email address.
  4. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration.

Students should note that incomplete registrations will be exempted from the system and will not receive alerts.

According to Kean University's website, "Providing your cell phone or landline number will generate messages to these numbers as well as your Kean University email account, charges for calls/messages may apply according to your individual service plan."

It is also important to update the “Registered Through Date” when setting up an account. Failure to do so will result in an account being prematurely removed from the system and will continue to message and send notifications even after graduation or otherwise separated from Kean University.

The instructions for updating one's account can be found on the Kean University website.

Last year during spring 2016, Kean University partnered with ELERTS See Say applications to develop a system of mobile campus alerts.

Campus Police and the Office of Computer and Information Services (OCIS) came together to create a new campus alert system. The new campus alert is accessible through a simple app on any smart phone.

ELERTS See Say is a quick and simple way to report security and safety concerns. ELERTS allows people on the Kean University campus call Campus Police at 908-737-4800 or report a problem.

One must download the app “ELERTS See Say” so that after installation, students and faculty can go through the process of setting up their information. It is noted that students and faculty make sure to provide a email address for this system.

In addition to their Kean email, everyone must include their cell phone numbers in case Campus Police has to get in contact with them. It is also encouraged that students add a photo to their account so police officers will know who they have to locate if they need to locate a student.

To report a crime, a student can just simply click the red “Report a Problem” button. Once they click the button, they will be asked to take a picture of the crime. From there, they can select a report type and fill in what the report was about.

Report options consist of crime in progress, facilities issues, other, outdoor lighting issue, parking complaint, security or safety issue, suspicious activity or run a test.

This app has other unique features such as reporting a concern by snapping a picture. Taking a photo on the device will automatically mute the shutter sound and turn off the flash. This is a safety precaution in case a student is in a situation where they do not want a suspicious person to be aware they have just taken a picture of them.

The app also provides users a “Virtual Escort” which is monitored in real time by the Department of Public Safety and, in the event of an emergency, will dispatch the Kean University Police to one’s location via global positioning system (GPS) signals.

Kean University Police currently runs an escort service for anyone that feels unsafe walking on campus.

To receive an escort, students need to press “EscortMe” on the app. They will then hold their finger on the screen the entire time as they walk to their destination. For one to send a distress signal, they must simply release the screen, which will cause the app to count down. Each second the app counts down the phone will vibrate (on the screen a message of 'I am safe' or 'I am in danger' will pop up to click as well). Once the app finishes the countdown Campus Police will call the number connected to the account and send an officer to the location noted from the GPS signals.

To resume back to the escort, just resume holding the screen.

Kean University ELERTS is only to be used by students, staff and faculty of the school. If a visitor is in need of a virtual escort while on campus, they are advised to request a Safety Escort by calling the Police Desk at 908-737-4800.

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