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Essentials For Parking At Kean

An aerial view of the Kean Hall parking lot

Because of its convenient location, the bulk of Kean University's students commute. With a myriad of students, faculty and staff commuting each day to campus, parking spots are in high demand and can ultimately result in a lack of spots and a lot of frustration. However, the parking services continue to make incremental progress in allaying the parking situation. 

Such progress can be seen in the new addition of 500 parking spots. Individuals can access this parking lot at the Morris Avenue and Green Lane intersection. Individuals with a valid Kean ID and parking decal can park in the new lot. Simply flash your Kean ID at the guard booth and follow the signs to the new lot. To reach Main Campus, simply walk up along the entrance and safely cross at the Morris Avenue and Green Lane intersection. 

Before students can start parking, there is a list of important information to know.

In order to park on campus, students, faculty and staff need to register their vehicle and receive a parking decal. Registration of an individual's vehicle is mandatory for parking on campus. The decal is free and can be obtained online only. 

The vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN), licence plate number or state of issue, and student's 7-digit Kean University ID are needed to register a vehicle. If necessary, one can register additional cars by simply clicking "add" on the parking decal website. After registering, one will be informed via their Kean University email address about when the decal is ready. It will be sent to students' address, so it is important to ensure that one's address is correct.

It is now mandatory for an individual to opt-out of a parking decal. Previously, students who did not drive on campus were not obligated to make that known on the parking decal website. However, students who do not drive must now designate that on the parking decal website.  

Contact the Registrar or Human Resources to update or verify one's address, preferably before registering for a parking decal. If a decal is lost or stolen, contact the Parking Services Unit for assistance. The parking decal must be placed on the driver's side of the rear windshield. Note that the decal permits permits students, faculty and staff to park on campus, but it does not guarantee a parking spot.

Additionally, students and faculty have designated zones for parking. Students are permitted to park in white-lined, non-reserved spaces. Students can only park on campus for class, work or other business concerning Kean University. Faculty and staff are permitted to park in the yellow-lined, non-reserved spaces. Parking regulations are in effect year-round unless stated otherwise. 

Overnight parking is available for resident students and visitors to the residence halls. This area is designated by North Avenue and the orange curb at the Vaughn-Eames (VE) parking lot. 

Visitor parking is located in front of the Administration Building. This parking lot is reserved only for visitors, so faculty, staff and students cannot park there. Visitors must check in with the security officers at the front of the lot for access.

Restricted parking includes the following parking lots: 

  • Handicapped, handicapped license plates or placard required
  • Yellow-lined parking spaces, unless one is a member of faculty or staff
  • Medical parking 
  • Physical therapy
  • Day care center
  • Office of small business
  • Board of Trustees
  • Loading zones
  • State vehicles
  • Police vehicle parking
  • Union train station and other signed/reserved spaces. 

NJ Transit (NJT) no longer offers Kean students, faculty and staff to park in the Union train station lot, and those who violate are subject to being towed or ticketed by the property owner and municipal police, respectively.

All violation notices are dealt out by the Kean University and the Municipal Police. Violations of parking regulations are subject to a fine that must be paid or appealed within 15 days. Violation notices will be emailed to an individual's Kean University email address, followed by another email after 15 days if the violation notice is not paid or appealed. For more information on violations and appeals, visit the University Police or contact the Parking Services Unit at  

For more information on parking, visit parking services.   

Apart from abiding by the aforementioned parking regulations, parking can be a smoother experience if students heed the following tips from current students: 

  • "Arrive 15-20 minutes before class" - Sam Bardon, sophomore, medical technology. 
  • If possible, use a smaller car to commute. Parking spaces are tight, so having a smaller car will allow individuals to fit into spaces with no problem. 
  • If possible, carpool. It's beneficial to the environment and frees up additional parking spaces.
  • The VE parking lot always has parking spaces available.
  • "Sometimes it's worth it to cut your losses, park far away from campus, [and take a trolley]" - Aleeza Langert, junior, biology.

Most importantly, utilize the shuttle bus/trolley service. The shuttle bus/trolley service runs regularly Monday to Thursday from 7:15 a.m. to 10:44 p.m. and Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. Shuttle buses and trolleys stop at six locations across campus:

  • Wilkins Theatre (PA)
  • Liberty Hall Campus/Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) parking lot
  • East Campus parking lot C
  • East Campus parking lot A
  • Hennings Hall, by the flag pole
  • Kean Hall parking lot, closest to Green Lane Academic Building (GLAB)

Check out the parking map to locate where the shuttle bus/trolley service stops are and where students, staff and faculty are permitted to park.