What's (In)tuition and Fees?

2017 to 2018 tuition and fees decision

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What's (In)tuition and Fees?

 Kean University is striving to provide affordable tuition and fees 

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Tuition and fees are an important aspect when considering a college or university to attend, and Kean University prides itself on being one of the affordable schools in New Jersey.

With that being said, the increase in tuition and fees will go up two percent which is an affordable percentage to go up to compared to other colleges in the state of New Jersey.

There was a tuition hearing that took place on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 that showed students what the university's new tuition would be.

Full-time undergraduate student tuition is broken up into two categories, which are resident/in-state or non-resident/out-of-state. Full-time resident students can expect their tuition to be $7,754 and non-resident students can expect their tuition to be $14,521.

For full-time undergraduate fees, the total adds up to $4,115.50. For undergraduate resident tuition and fees, the total is $11,869.50 and for non-resident undergraduate tuition and fees, the total is $18,636.50.

The list of fees are general services, athletics, technology, capital improvement, library improvement, student leadership, transportation, campus improvement and the university center, which differ for undergraduate and graduate fees.

For undergraduate students, the general service fee costs $1,240 and provides funding for all student service programs and costs. The athletic fee costs $270 and provides funding for student athletes and the Kean community. This fee covers the teams, expenses and costs associated with the fitness centers and gymnasiums on campus. The technology fee costs $180 and provides funding to enhance the technology experience for students, faculty and staff when teaching, learning or administrating. This fee supports online learning, computer labs, software and other abilities. 

Capital improvement, which costs $1,878, is used for debt and the ability to fund renovations and construction projects. Library improvements costs $60 and is used to support the student technology lab and the use of electronic resources that aide in student research and learning. The student leadership fee, which costs $127, offers students the opportunity for professional development through a learning environment that helps students develop cultural and personal growth in a community. 

Furthermore, the transportation fee costs $30 and provides the funds to purchase and maintain vehicles used to transport students and employees. The campus improvement fee, which costs $120, provides funds for the overall improvement and maintenance of the university. Lastly, the university center costs $210 and provides funding for programs such as the computer lab software, supplies and equipment, maintenance and salaries for students and professional staff.

On the other spectrum, there are graduate tuition and fees. For full-time residents, students can expect their tuition to be $13,156 and non-resident students can expect their tuition to be $17,831. For full-time fees, the total is $3,316. Resident students' tuition and fees total to $16,472 while non-resident students tuition and fees total to $21,147. 

For general services, the cost is $994, athletic fees are $216, technology fees are $144, capital improvements are $1,506, library improvements are $48, student leadership is $120, transportation is $24, campus improvements are $96 and the university center is $168.

Overall, even though the tuition and fees has been raised by two percent, Kean still tries to find ways for students to be able to afford a quality education and experience.

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