A Mid-October's Exam

What students can do to prepare for midterms

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A Mid-October's Exam

Students can prepare for midterms with the resources at Kean University

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kean University is transitioning into the season of midterms. With that being said, students can anticipate studying and preparing for their exams, but how can students effectively prepare?

How students study and where students study can have a huge impact on the grades that students receive. 

James Israel, a senior studying sociology, and Sabah Elgarhy, a sophomore studying criminal justice, had plenty of advice on where to study for midterms. 

Israel: I believe that the best places to study on campus are study rooms in the library, 5th floor of the Green Lane academic building, and the Miron Student Center (MSC).

Elgarhy: [A place to study is the] outside seating in STEM building.

As college students it is essential for us to be able to learn studying techniques that can better us now and in the future. Israel and Elgarhy both agree that studying plays a huge part in passing. So where can students go in order to have a successful studying experience?

Israel: The best method of studying is to create your own review, consisting of paraphrased notes and materials from class.

Elgarhy: I believe the best way to study is to listen to music [that helps you focus] and put your phone out of sight.

When asked for tips that they wish they knew or would like to bestow upon other students, Israel and Elgarhy shared crucial information that would benefit students.

Israel: Some study tips for midterms would be to get proper sleep, review material before bed, and to avoid cramming at the last minute. Studying for previous midterms has taught me how to create and utilize good study habits. Stay focused and prepare yourself fully, so that midterms will be a success.

Elgarhy: My tip would be to study for them in order so you don’t become overwhelmed and make a to do list. I have learned that studying ahead of time actually helps, but can be difficult to do.

The MSC is a great place to study and become motivated for midterms season. There are many places in the building that cater to spaces for studying such as the computer lab and the third floor where there are tables and chairs. 

The Nancy Thompson Library and Library Commons is also an essential place to visit when studying. With quiet rooms on the second and third floor and the lounging space on the first floor, students can focus. Also the computer lab in the library is dedicated to a quiet and informational space. 

For commuters the Commuter Resource Center (CRC) works to offer commuters spaces in Hutchinson Hall to relax and study in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Starbucks at the library and in Green Lane work as a place to eat food, meet with study partners and utilize the Wi-Fi in order to find out information as well.

For students who are interested in finding spaces on campus that will benefit them they can visit the Kean Library website, the Miron Student Center website, and lastly the Commuter Resource Center website.

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Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

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