Creating An Arch For His Future: Dihzae Bailey

Dihzae Bailey shares his philosophy for success

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Creating An Arch For His Future: Dihzae Bailey

Dihzae Bailey, a sophomore with dreams of making a change in the future

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Dihzae Bailey, a sophomore studying architecture shares his philosophy for his success and ability to be proactive at Kean University.

"I am in the Silver Leader in the Leadership Program, Sophomore class Treasurer, Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) researcher and American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)."

Bailey then went into describing the different jobs and responsibilities he has in his list of many clubs. As treasurer, he just wants his class and other classes to understand that the sophomore class will make a change.

"Last year I was the Freshmen Class Treasurer and my job was to manage a budget [and] get the Kean students involved with different activities. Since I got reelected last year, we did two events. This year I got a total of nine events out there and we are actually going to do it this year again, because we are committed to let the students know that the sophomore class is present on campus," Bailey said. "One of the events we are planning is the winter Funderland where we're giving out custom hot chocolate with the fancy shavings and designs. We're going to also do a gingerbread house competition where the team that wins will get a custom mug we design ourselves. We want to give back to the community also so we teamed up with Greek Senate and we're doing a toy drive for the Children's Specialized Hospital."

Bailey is also apart of the Leadership Program as a Silver Leader and a General Education Mentor (GEM). His  main goal is to teach the students to be comfortable with themselves and to excel in there work, whether in class or other activities.

"For Silver Leadership I am still getting a chance to learn about leadership and I am actually get my voice out as well. I might be goofy a lot of the time but in the Leadership Program I am silent and humble," Bailey explained. "My GEM job is a teacher's assistant (TA) to the Instructor, Christopher Navetta. But I'm more than that in his eyes, I'm more like the teacher itself. The students look up to me because I am involved on campus. They look up to me a lot and say how can I be like you? I always tell them that they're job is not to be like me but to be yourself and to actually be better than me."

As a student apart of the LSAMP program acknowledges minorities not just as a race thing but it's more of people who wouldn't have opened their mind to research as a field in their profession

"LSAMP stands for the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation that is basically a research program where minorities in the (New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics) STEM field can actually be interested in research. My accomplishment with that was tremendous without that I wouldn't be the person I am or have all the connections I have today. I presented at research day, then presented to President Dr. Farahi and after that I present to him and his board of trustees last year June."

For the AIAS program, Bailey was able visit Cornell University where he was able to experience a whole new world and was very honored to be an undergraduate in a sea of graduates.

"The AIAS is where a group of Architecture students in different schools have their own chapter and here at Kean we just established our chapter last year. We basically go to our northeast quad meetings where all the other schools of architecture in the northeast region talk about architecture and improvements at schools and communities."

Bailey likes to call himself a butterfly because he likes to roam around which  helps him find new interests that make him active.

"It doesn't matter if I'm a different major or if I'm in Green Lane, I always find my way around campus and see what I can do to approve the community here at Kean."

Bailey is more of a visual person who likes to make schedules in order to de-stress and to organize his academics, work, and social life.

"I'm more of a visual person so I make my schedule color coated so anything red I need to do as soon as possible, no pushing or procrastinating. I always tell my students in my T2K class that I learned how to maximize all twenty four hours."

Bailey believes that all of the activities like Leadership or LSAMP will help his principles and make him a better architect and person to gain the knowledge he needs to succeed.

"I think most of the things I do like Leadership will benefit me but I feel that you can't really call somebody a leader, they have to earn it. I want to be able to have the heart of a leader and I want to be better at what I do," Bailey continued. "My dream lifestyle later on is to be an architect because a job is something you go nine to five but I want do good for the community. And like all my business cards say design for humanity and I really as the architect I want to be is design for the people. I want to design for people and imagine if they are really going to go in my space and how would they feel or experience the emotional journey I take them through."

As a fun fact bailey listed his three favorite architecture pieces around the world, his eyes glowed and a huge smile crept on his face as he thought of the many pieces. Some of them including the Lincoln Memorial by Mass Designs in Montgomery, Alabama, Daniel Libeskind's Holocaust Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany and the Pyramids. Bailey believes we all started from the ideas of the pyramids.

"I believe that Kean University was a place that had many opportunities and architecture was a big factor. My Dean persuaded me to come here by telling me that I would be Dihzae Bailey, not a number."

Bailey wants students to achieve goals that make them happy!

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