Marc Louis Rosario: Achieving All Odds

Recent graduate received the honor of semi-finalist for one of many Adobe Design Achievement Awards

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Marc Louis Rosario: Achieving All Odds

Marc Louis Rosario, a successful graduate of Kean 

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kean University is known for guiding and creating influential people who succeed in their craft. Marc Louis Rosario, a recent Kean Graduate '17 was given the honorable title of a semi-finalist for one of many Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

"I was nominated as a semi-finalist as well as winning their sticker challenge. They also gave me the opportunity to design their snapchat filter for the Adobe MAX Conference," Rosario said.

The Adobe Design Achievement Award is a competition that showcases the skills of student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artist in form of individual and group submissions. The categories consist of 14 categories divided into fine arts, commercial and social impact. The goal of the award is to celebrate student achievement.

Rosario currently works as a Junior Art Director at Weber Shandwick, located in New York city.

"My role consist of working on visual concepts along with a copywriter and a senior art director in response to the clients’ briefs. I worked on various digital content and advertising for Benefiber, TUMS, and Hellmann’s. My team recently launched a brand new look of the Benefiber website."

When asked about his feelings towards his nomination Rosario expressed his gratitude for being apart of a successful program.

"I am thankful and fortunate to be awarded in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Being able to represent Michael Graves College: Robert Busch School of Design in a globally known design competition was a great opportunity for the school’s exposure."

Rosario was able to take his degree in graphic design and advertising and turn it into a useful tool called Sharpen. Sharpen is a mobile application that allows users to save their sketches and organize them. Besides organization users can connect with other designers through message or workshops.

"Creating this mobile application will help designers and sketchers organize their creative process from paper to digital, refine their skills, and build confidence."

Rosario was appreciative of the exposure for himself and the Robert Busch School of Design.

"I would like to dedicate this award to my mentors, Ed Johnston and Denise Anderson, who helped me tremendously throughout the entire process and to make my idea become a reality. The Adobe Design Achievement Awards help students launch their careers by showcasing a wide variety of students’ works."

Rosario wants people to understand the goal of Sharpen which is to empower creative designers and artists to strengthen their mindset and work.

"Sharpen helps users become more active in sketching on paper by meeting and networking with other Sharpen users throughout the world," Rosario explained. "The idea came from my perspective of being a design student. Now-a-days, many designers don’t sketch their ideas on paper. This is a crucial thinking process for us, but now, many rely on technology and start their designs digitally. I wanted to develop a mobile application that gather their physical sketches onto a digital platform."

Rosario wants students who are pursing their degrees to never give up because the magic having dreams is the possibility of achieving them.

"My only advice for Kean students who have dreams of achieving great things is to never give up. You may have heard this many times, but no matter what you are going through in college, ups and downs, never give up on your dreams, passion, and dedication. It will always be a great outcome in the end."

Rosario understands that Kean taught him to work hard, work smart and work with passion he also has many professors to thank for his success.

"Ed Johnston, Professor & Mentor at MGC: Robert Busch School of Design, Denise Anderson, Professor & Mentor at MGC: Robert Busch School of Design. Professors Johnston and Anderson taught me how to become a professional designer and an art director. They dedicated their time to help me develop and improve as a designer. I am thankful to have them as my mentors."

Rosario's number one advice: Never give up 

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