Kendra Clark: Paving A Way At Kean

How she stays driven in a sea of commitments

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Kendra Clark: Paving A Way At Kean

Kendra Clark, a senior studying Criminal Justice paving her way at Kean

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kendra Clark, a senior studying Criminal Justice, is all about being pro-Kean. She is involved in many activities that benefit her and the Kean community.

When asked about the activities and clubs she is a part of, Clark explained many of the opportunities she has taken advantage of during her four years at Kean.

"I am a residence assistant (RA) for New Upper Residence Hall (NURH) on the seventh floor. I am the vice president of Funded Groups. I work in the Miron Student Center (MSC) game room, and I am a peer mentor for a circle of 8 peer mentor group of the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program."

She then continued that being an RA is a huge responsibility but it is rewarding when she is able to help students. 

"So each upperclassmen RA has one floor to themselves and we're responsible for making sure that the floor stays clean. We do room inspections every month and make sure the students are up to date with what is going on in student services," Clark explained. "As the vice president for Funded Groups, I oversee the 25 funded groups on campus and make sure that they are doing everything they are supposed to do to keep their funding and using their money properly. For the circle of 8 peer mentor, we help incoming freshmen and I meet with my six students every other week to make sure they are doing well."

Clark understands the importance of being involved in school because it can open doors for networking and making connections for many opportunities.

"When I was in high school and middle school, I wasn't really involved. I did sports, but I didn't feel I was involved. When I got here, I wanted to focus on that and build my resume. Being a part of Residential Student Services (RSS) and Student Government, Student Government is very flexible with our schedule, so they understand when we have to do something for RSS and vice versa."

For an RA there's a process in the beginning of November and middle of December where students have to go to an information meeting to learn about what it takes to be an RA. It's a long but rewarding process.

"For Student Government, my first year being an RA, another RA in my building was a secretary for Student Government, and they needed an assistant secretary, and I wanted to build my resume. She asked me if I wanted to apply, so I took the opportunity. The eboard then accepted my application. It's important to have the proper credits and GPA when applying," Clark said. "There are many opportunities of Student Organization like being on counsel, so you have to have the proper amount of credits to consider you a senior to be on the senior counsel."

When asked how she balances her academic life with all her activities at Kean, Clark shared her wisdom on how one can achieve their goals while still be able to maintain their own well-being.

"It's hard sometimes but I do a lot of praying. Student Government allows me to get a lot of my work done for school  when I'm doing office hours and if they need me, I'm there for the funded groups. Also, being an RA, you have to have one duty day a week where we have office hours from 7 to 9 p.m., so we have to be in the building 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next morning. So I try to get a lot of my work done in Student Government. Also I work at home during the weekends sometimes but it balances itself out."

When asked what she planned to do after she graduated, Clark spoke of her goal to go to law school, but also spoke of the importance of having many options, which Student Government has prepared her for.

"I'm looking to go to law school, but I have other options such as going to grad school first and then if law school is something I still want to do, I'll go to law school. I want to go to grad school for counseling or social work," Clark continued. "I just want to help people. Whether I was a nurse or a teacher, my main goal is to just help people that don't have the means to get hope and I am thinking alongside drug addiction as my focus."

Clark believes that Kean University has a lot of opportunities within the Student Government, RSS, MSC and EOF program because Kean emphasizes being involved and developing one's self. She also thinks it is essential for other students to take advantage of the opportunities at Kean. 

"You have to take time for yourself because sometimes I have times where I wonder if it's worth it, but you have to make sure you make time for yourself. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Have a planner, organize yourself and make time for yourself. That is the key," Clark mentioned. "I know that I am already involved, but I want to be more involved with students. That's why I'm the vice president for Funded Groups because before I was secretary, I felt like I wasn't as active as I could be with the students on campus. I want to get know different people who aren't like me and do different things."

Clark's motto is anyone can do anything they put their mind to, "At first, I was hesitant to come here but now I'm very grateful because I know a lot of schools don't have the many opportunities Kean has given me."

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