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That adds on four more opportunities to be involved!

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Welcoming The New Groups
Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

At Kean University, there are more than 160 student clubs and organizations that are active. From cultural groups to student government, there are so many opportunities for students to be involved and informed. This fall 2017 semester, four new student groups have been created and added to Cougar Link.

Blank Slate Literary Magazine

The Blank Slate Literary Magazine was the idea of Jan Balakian, a professor in the English department. She thought of English majors to create a club with a purpose to provide a creative outlet for all Kean University students, alumni, and affiliates with an interest publishing their written work or creative piece in a bi-annual digital magazine. Blank Slate will also hold events for creative expression and networking on and off campus. The organization will facilitate its members in connecting the campus community as well as to promote social, professional, and educational partnerships and activities.

Most of their meetings are targeted to writing, but they are open to all majors and interests. They will be having their first Prose and Poetry night on Friday, Dec. 8 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Rock'n'Joes. This event will have members read their piece of literature then open up the stage to the public.

EEO Society

Epsilon Epsilon Omega (EEO) Society is the Exceptional Opportunities Center Honor Society. It is an organization dedicated to building a community of scholars and active learners within the Kean community. They desire their organization to continuously grow and progress in a manner that provides students the platform to learn new skills, enhance cultural experiences, and increase their networking capabilities. They additionally hope to strengthen the bond within our community to encourage social and academic support as well as have mentorship, leadership, and scholarship opportunities. 

Kean Triple Helix 

The purpose of Kean Triple Helix is to take an interdisciplinary stance in educating students about contemporary issues regarding science as a whole. Such fields include, but are not limited to business, ethics, law, science, and society. They also hope to instill academic interest in these subjects to all students regardless of their background and beliefs. Kean Triple Helix meets every other Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m, at the Science, Technology and Math (STEM) building room 324. 

Students will communicate to the general public by practicing skills such as writing, editing, revising, and researching with professional guidance. As a whole, Kean Triple Helix aspires to create leaders who will be apart of a national scientific institution conveying current events and issues revolving science and its relative fields.   

Kean University Collegiate DECA

Kean's Collegiate Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) came to be all thanks to their student adviser, Paul Avehart. Avehart is the vice president of the National DECA. Coming to Kean in Spring 2017, he wanted to bring DECA as an organization to the campus, especially for the school of business. He met up with their current adviser, who is as well, an National DECA adviser. Kean University's DECA prepares emerging leaders for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in colleges around the globe

Together, they both worked to get it approved as an organization. From there, this semester, Avehart and his friends spread the word about Collegiate DECA. There was a good amount of people interested because they had experience in DECA in high school or heard about it and never got the chance to do it in high school. Now, they are a recognized group by Kean and go to national events. 

Every Tuesday, from 3:30 to 4:40 p.m. in Center for Academic Success (CAS) room 234, they hold their meetings.

As a member of Kean University Collegiate DECA, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable career experience and 21st century skills through DECA's various competitive events, leadership conferences and events. 

Students who are interested in participating or being part of any of these new student groups, all contact information for every club's executive board can be found on Cougar Link. On Cougar Link, one can find all sorts of clubs and if there is a specific club that cannot be found, try making a club!

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