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WKUSA End Of The Semester Dinner

Student Members of the WKUSA Club

Julie Queiruga

Gift boxes were left on tables that contained small chocolates inside for guests. The boxes were made to represent the connection between WKU (Wenzhou Kean University) and KU (Kean University). 

Friday, Dec. 8, Wenzhou Kean University Student Association (WKUSA) celebrated its second annual End of the Semester Dinner. The dinner had a big turn out as all of the students had participated in the event. 

Using the time before more students arrived, the already present students that were seated were asked to make use of the small cards on the table and write something thoughtful to be placed on the Christmas tree, which was also their wish tree. All students and staff that attended the event did just that. 

Christmas Tree with wishes placed by students 

Christmas Tree with wishes placed by students 

They placed their thoughtful notes on the tree and stopped for pictures with friends after. Once everyone had settled in and were seated, student, William Harrison who is a member of the e-board and now the vice president of the club, had asked each table to play charades with one another, as a piece of paper was left at the center of the table. They encouraged each table to draw something on that piece of paper to spark engagement with one another as an icebreaker.


Students helping each other draw as they play Charades 



Student drawing for the table game, Charades 

The night moved along after that, President Yule Zhou of WKUSA, spoke to her fellow peers and staff. She expressed her thoughts and emotions about being part of the program. After she was done, food was served as they called table by table. Authentic food was provided to each guest such as scallion pancakes, and dumplings. Bubble tea, water, and regular tea were also served to guests with their meals. Each guest was able to enjoy an authentic meal prepared by the staff. After everyone was done with their meals, attendees played a game of Jeopardy as they worked together to get the answer that could potentially help them win. 

Before all games were done, the students who participated in getting gifts played White Elephant, a gift giving game, among one another. After the audience was able to sit back and relax as both students Melody Chen and Josh Dunn performed music. Dunn is a sophomore theater major and Chen is a senior global business major; both students are members of the WKUSA club. At one point,  Dunn got the crowd engaged as they sang along to the song, "Last Christmas." He then joined Chen on the piano as they both sang, "All of Me." The night had come to an end, and right before everyone was free to go home, chat, or simply take pictures, the new e-board president was announced. Aliyah Bradley was announced as the president and William Harrison was announced as the vice president of the club for the next semester. 

When asked why it is important that an event such as the dinner was important, Harrison shared, "The reason why we do that at the end of every semester is to show our thanks to the WKUSA students, but also to the Kean students who also participate in our activities." He also shared his favorite part of the event, "Definitely the performance, I think they (Chen and Dunn) put their heart and soul into it." 

WKUSA had ended its last event with a bang. It was filled with lots of laughs, smiles, hugs and pure enjoyment. Let's also not forget the delicious food. WKUSA sure knows how to make students feel at home and sure to make their experience like no other. If one didn't attend, it is highly recommended. 


Student Members of the WKUSA Club

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