Meet the Chapter President of Mu Sigma Upsilon

Katherine Caguana strives to help students engage in opportunities

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Meet the Chapter President of Mu Sigma Upsilon

Katherine Caguana inspires students to be involved

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Katherine Caguana, a senior studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice and public administration, has achieved many accomplishments while at Kean University. While it is her last year here, she plans to continue her success and to implement new activities for students to be involved at Kean.

Caguana explained the importance of becoming involved at Kean. She understands that when starting in a new environment, it is essential to go outside one's comfort zone. Kean University has many clubs and organizations and seeks out students who are willing to get involved.

"I am involved in Mu Sigma Upsilon and it is a multicultural sorority, which is a founding group of the National Multicultural Greek Council. It is a non-profit Greek letter organization of college-educated women committed to academics, unification of all women and the services for their communities and universities. I also work as a resident assistant, and I am responsible for developing and maintaining an atmosphere that promotes residential communities through excellence in academic integration and personal development opportunities for students," Caguana continued. 

"My involvement also includes Psychology Club, which aims to help students understand and become more knowledgeable in the field of psychology. The Psychology Organization will also endeavor to educate the student body through interactive events. And I also was involved in Project Pengyou, an organization created to help the foreign students to get more involved and familiar on campus."

Alex Louis, assistant director of Greek Life expressed the impact and dedication Caguana has given to the Kean community and her peers.

"Katherine is an excellent student who goes above and beyond to complete all assignment. She is also always reliable. If you need her to do something, she can always be counted on. If I need something to be completed, I call her first because, again, I can always rely on her and her abilities. As you may know, she is the chapter president for Mu Sigma Upsilon, but at one point she ran it by herself which is impressive. Once again she is a hard worker and can always be counted on." 

When speaking of how she heard of the opportunities she was granted, Caguana wants students to know that there is always a way to get connected at Kean.

"I was always involved in my high school. I hosted school dances, fundraisers, and was always trying to spread school spirit. When I came to college, I wanted to do the same. I wanted to be able to give back to the community of Kean and see the students be engaged, and wanted to stay on campus longer, rather than going to class and leaving home or work."  

Caguana is thankful for all opportunities from Mu Sigma Upsilon and believes that she has been influenced for the better. 

"Being part of my sorority and being an RA has influenced me to be a good leader and listener. Being chapter president for two years in a row has taught me how to listen to everyone’s concern and pushed me to find a solution that accommodates everyone's needs. This skill has transferred to me being an RA. Knowing how to solve problems, and being an example to my residents have encouraged me to always do the best I can do. As chapter president, I oversee the chapter, every member, their actions, every committee, officer team and most importantly being the face, spokesperson and the representative of the chapter for our national eboard," Caguana explained.

Goals are very important to Caguana as she realizes that in order to succeed one has to set goals they wish to achieve. Some of her goals include getting into the internship she recently applied to, gaining experience in her fields, getting her masters in school counseling and working in high school to prepare students for the life after they graduate.

Caguana has looked into her future and understands that she has to prepare and think about what she wants to accomplish after her degree here at Kean. 

"There are certain things I've been working toward before I graduate. I would like to get inducted into the Honor Society for my major, which is psychology, and my next goal will be to find a job."

When being involved and being a full-time student like Caguana, it can be difficult at times to manage, but Caguana has a method to stay focused and thriving.

"I have a “today to do list” for the responsibilities that need to be completed by the end of the day, as well as a schedule of when I have class, when I have work, and when I meetings. From there I see what days and times I am free. I try to do homework, or if that is complete, I hang out with my friends. In order to balance everything that I do, I believe one needs to know how to be organized and disciplined in following the task they set themselves for the day."  

Kean University prides itself on being affordable and accessible to students. Whether a student likes to paint, dance, sing or do something along the lines of being a leader, Kean prepares its students well. 

Caguana agreed by saying, "I came to Kean for the small community. It looked more personal than a larger university where you can get lost among other students. My advice to students is to get involved. You will get connected with your campus. It helps build your resume. You get to practice your passions and get to meet new people."

Caguana wants students willing to get involved to know that Kean University is a campus full of opportunities.

"You’ll never know what you will encounter if you just stay in your room or go home right after class. Give it chance and you’ll see that Kean is not a boring commuter school."

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