Barnes and Noble: What Do Students Buy?

Barnes and Noble caters to many students, but what do they want the most?

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Barnes and Noble: What Do Students Buy?

Barnes & Noble located at the Green Lane Academic building provides students with the essentials they need to succeed at Kean.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Barnes and Noble is a popular essential here at Kean University where students can buy different items.

Barnes and Noble understands the need for electronics at Kean University and has made it its mission to expand its collection of electronics and technological gear. Some of the products the bookstore sells are desktops, laptops, tablets, phone accessories, computer accessories, audio, keyboards, mouses, printer supplies, storage and batteries. Some of the brands it carries include: 

  • Acer
  • FitBit
  • Dell
  • JVC Gumy
  • Skullcandy

For those who are interested in showcasing their Kean Pride, the bookstore holds a plethora of items for men, women and even new edition unisex! Some of the apparel students can purchase are t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, performance apparel, hats, bottoms, outerwear, shirts, sweaters and accessories. Some of the brands include:

  • Champion
  • Jansport

The bookstore holds one of the many Starbucks on campus where students can get fast service before they head toward their classes in Green Lane. Students can also accompany their beverages with pastries, candies and other snacks.

For students wanting a price match or needing a textbook specific to Kean, the bookstore is aware and is willing to help. They also offer money for returned books to make it convenient for those who want to minimize their textbook collections.

Buying textbooks is one of the main reasons why a student would visit the bookstore, but students can also browse through the main sections and choices of novels. The bookstore encourages students to purchase their books with a wide range of options such as:

  • Children's books
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Biographies
  • History
  • Social and Current Affairs
  • Cultural Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Cooking
  • Self Improvement
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Science 
  • Manga

So what do Kean students look for when they visit this holy grail store? Is it to buy a new laptop, price match on textbooks or even stock up on Kean sweatshirts?

Gabrielle Marino, a junior studying sociology with a minor in psychology and women's studies, spoke of the importance of having ranges of textbooks supplied to Kean students.

"It is important to have a wide selection of books available to students whether it's required texts or not," Marino explained. "I am aware that the bookstore not only sells textbooks but other books for personal enjoyment, which is why I continue to buy from them."

Henry J. Cruz, a freshman studying bilingual education notes that the bookstore always maintains the availability of their textbooks which is appreciated and important for students.

"I buy books, food from Starbucks or in the snack section and or school supplies, and I am content with the amount of electronics and school apparel they sell here," Cruz said.

Catelyn Martinez, a senior studying business management, believes in order to have convenience for the students, it is important for the bookstore to have textbooks as soon as possible, which she loves.

"I buy some books and merchandise, sometimes Kean merchandise, if I see something I like or if they have something new," Martinez mentioned. "I am aware of all the other things sold, and I do buy them when they are reasonable, which is most of the time."

Rabia Ashraf, a junior studying biology and English major, thinks the bookstore serves as a place for students to gather and study.

"I mostly buy novels, short stories and poetry. I'm only ever really interested in novels but it's nice to have other items like electronics too."

Victoria Russo, a freshman studying communications-media and film, realizes that the bookstore is convenient when it comes to having textbooks on time, which is essential. 

"I don't buy much besides apparel like hoodies, but I know they sell books, electronics and other options as well," Russo said.

Genesis Algaba, a senior studying communications-public relations, understands that a bookstore on campus makes it easier for students to be supplied with their textbooks.

"I have bought Kean apparel, presentation folders, goggles for biology labs and even a few books."

Brandon Marrero, a junior studying psychology, is pleased with the easy accessibility of books and supplies.

Barnes and Noble is a tool on campus that every student can use to get supplies, gifts, apparel and more. For students with questions, visit the Kean bookstore online.

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