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Hack a Network, Grow a Network
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Technology is essential for human evolution, so be a part of the change and join Association of Computing Machinery today!

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world's largest computing society. The organization has chapters in the United States, Europe, India, and China which allows for a strong networking base for both educational and revolutionary technological developments.

The Association of Computing Machinery Kean Chapter was reactivated from dormancy by Patricia Morreale, Ph.D., in 2006 with the goal of guiding students with an interest in computer science. It has since been successful in assisting students earn jobs through the experiences and network they garnered while in the club.

ACM plans to hold its fourth annual HackKean event in April 2018. Under the direction of Austin Huang, Ph.D., and Jenny Li, Ph.D., Kean students plan and administer the event. In preparation for this major event, students on the planning committee attend HackCon to team up with other students in the United States. Kean University also hosts Local Hack Days in which simultaneous 24 hour "hackathons" occur for anyone to collaborate together. This year's hackathon will take place from April 7 to April 8. 

Additionally, ACM works with the Association of Computing Machinery Women's chapter at Kean University to put together the national Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing (AiC) events. Since 2014, Kean University has hosted the state-wide NJ NCWIT AiC ceremony which recognizes high school women with distinctions in computing information technology.  

The current e-board of the incredibly involved ACM includes President Carlos Flores, Vice President Thomas Yamakaitis, Secretary Reuben Hernandez, Treasurer Arian Gonzalez, and Director of Public Relations Daniel Henriques.

The main objective of ACM is to help members further advance their skills through workshops and establish a place for like-minded individuals to connect with one another. ACM members also inspire the best from one another through their strong networking system and consistent dialogue. 

President Flores joined ACM in the fall of 2016 and commented on how grateful he has been for all the beneficial opportunities he has had and the friends he has made. ACM is open for anyone interested in the computer science or information technology fields and hope to gain valuable experiences to lead them through to their desired occupation. 

ACM meets every other Thursday from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. at the North Avenue Academic Building, room 109.

To find out more about Kean University's ACM and upcoming events visit their website

For questions or concerns, contact ACM through their Cougar Link.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Abigail Anne Rafael is the Senior Editor for The Cougar’s Byte and first joined staff in January 2018. She is a communication major with a concentration in public relations. Abigail aims to inspire and motivate readers with her writing. After graduating from Kean, she hopes to work for a Catholic company to dispel mistruths about the Church.