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Student Organization Candidates Run For Election

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Building a Government
Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

Student Organization has begun its election to establish its future governing body. 

Voting opens Tuesday April 3, at 9 a.m. and continues until Thursday April 5, at 5 p.m. on Cougar Link.  

A list of candidates and their short descriptions are as follows:

  • Francisco Reyes for executive board president.

Reyes is a junior communications major with a concentration in film. He is confident in his abilities to take on the responsibilities of an executive board president due to his experience as the current executive vice president. Reyes is dedicated to being a voice for change and improvement at Kean University.

  • Shanice Allen for executive vice president

Allen acknowledges the importance of not only excelling in academics, but also being an active participant in clubs and organizations in order to attain a well rounded college experience. She hopes to become executive vice president to help other students experience her passion for involvement through their shared Kean University experience.

  • Caleb Lewis for executive vice president

Lewis is a senior global business major. Having been at Kean University for three years, Lewis has concluded that the most important component of his education and experience were the people that he has met. Thus, he aspires to give back to the Kean Community by devoting his time and skills as executive vice president.

  • Kevhorn Anderson for vice president of Funded Groups

Having moved from Jamaica to the United States as a child, Anderson's life has been a unique journey of discovering his sense of self and passions. On this journey, he developed a passion for helping and connecting with people through the organizations and activities he has partaken in. As current assistant coordinator of programming, he hopes to continue spreading his passions and acquiring friendships as vice president of Funded Groups.

  • Cresaya Hester for vice president of programming

Hester is a sophomore biology major aspiring to become a naturopathic pediatric oncologist. Her aspiration in life is evidence of her caring and determined character which were cultivated by the teachings of her immigrant parents. She hopes to use her years of leadership experience, ambition and bubbly personality to contribute to Student Organization as the vice president of programming.

  • Helen Jose for vice president of programming

Jose is a junior public relations major and is eager to contribute her innovative perspective and communication skills developed in her classes. She is confident that her abilities as an imaginative and welcoming individual will make her a strong candidate as vice president of programming.

  • Katherine Owens for vice president of programming

Owens is a junior public relations major. Over the years, her passion for event planning has led her to work as a coordinator for multiple event committees such as the PULSE, the junior class committee, her media ministry and more. In fact, her fervor for event planning has grown so much that she has started her own event planning business. Owens plans to use her expertise in the field as vice president of programming.

  • Khamaya McClain for senior class president

McClain is a junior healthcare management major. His formative years consisted of helping take care of the household with his older sister after his mother developed vascular dementia from her stroke. This incident, along with his continued focus on his studies and involvement at Kean University, have helped him to better develop his work ethic, communication skills and love for the community to make him a compelling candidate for senior class president. 

  • Rahil Ninche for senior class senator

Ninche is currently a junior class senator running for the position of senior class senator for the 2018- 2019 school year. His fervor has developed from his past experiences as part of Student Organization and pushed him to continue to work on behalf of his fellow peers to make Kean University a better environment. 

  • Alison "Ali"  Wojciechowski for senior class senator 

Wojciechowski is a junior interior design major. She hopes to become a senior class senator with the intention of networking and being a voice for the Kean University community. She believes she will be able to achieve this on behalf of the Student Organization because of her skills and personality.

  • Kiara Carranza for junior class president

Carranza is a sophomore global business major who immigrated to the United States from Peru with her parents in 2010. Her appreciation for the sacrifices of her parents has led her to acquire as many opportunities at Kean University as possible. Her involvement on campus have garnered her the necessary skills and experiences to confidently apply for junior class president.

  • Ashanti Lyking for junior class secretary

Lykin is a biology major with goals of becoming a physical therapist. Lykin is adaptable and easy to work with, as he is committed to playing his part in any activity. His willingness to serve the Kean University Community and his fellow Student Organization members make him a good candidate for junior class secretary.

  • James Mack for junior class senator

Mack is a sophomore business management major. Mack remains dedicated to helping his peers as well as accomplishing any task at hand. He hopes to become a junior class senator with goals of further engaging with the student body and earning experiences for his future career path.

  • Lindsey Gonzalez for sophomore class president

Gonzalez has always enjoyed leading teams. She has had a variety of experiences including leading a Woman's Leadership program at Linwood Middle School, being youth president for her church and being a student government officer. She hopes to exhibit her expertise as sophomore class president to help make an impact in the Kean University community.

  • Alexandra "Alex" Hechavarria for sophomore class president

Hechavarria is no stranger to leadership roles, even earning the title of vice president for the freshman class. She declares that her dedication, work ethic and loyalty are all attributes that have helped her succeed in her studies, work and home life. Her commitment to Student Organization and the student body has her running for election again in hopes of continuing her impact on the community.

  • Sarah Fedak for sophomore class treasurer

Fedak is a freshman political science and business double major. Despite only being a freshman, Fedak is already very involved in many different clubs at Kean University. Her dedication to involvement streams from her commitment to the Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self." It is her enthusiasm for helping others and inciting change that makes her determined to earn the role of sophomore class treasurer.

  • Alexis Owens for sophomore class treasurer

Owens is a freshman sociology major. He has remained devoted to helping others by volunteering over the summers and helping mentor his dance team members. His experiences have inspired him to become a social worker in the future. He hopes to exhibit his many skills and fulfill his desire to aid others by working as the sophomore class treasurer.

  • Edward "Ed" Wagner for sophomore class treasurer

Wagner has proven himself to be a responsible individual through his long list of work experiences. His exposure to a wide variety of jobs has taught him to manage time, remain disciplined and work hard. He feels prepared to serve Kean University as the sophomore class treasurer.

  • Bradford "Brad" Houlihan for sophomore class secretary

Houlihan is a freshman interior design major. He hopes to bring his bright and creative personality to help create fun new events for Kean University as the sophomore class secretary.

Make sure to cast your vote for the future voices of Kean University!

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