Don't Delay, Sign Up for Advisement Today

Registration is right around the corner!

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Don't Delay, Sign Up for Advisement Today

Get ready for registration!

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Attention all Kean University students! It is about that time of the year when advisement is given and registration is offered. 

One question still remains: how many students actually know when and how to register for courses? It may be surprising but many students whether first year or entering their last year still have queries about this moment.

The Office of Registrar located in the administrative building first floor, is home to many services such as academic record maintenance, course scheduling, transcript processing and registration.  

Students can access their advisor information by logging into their KeanWISE account and clicking on the link to search office hours by faculty and advisor name.

Before registering for classes, students must make sure that they do not have any holds on their accounts because that can deny them the access to register.

Academic advising is a requirement that is implemented so that students are able to:

  • receive faculty advisement
  • remove holds from accounts
  • ask questions pertaining to courses and graduation

It is important for students to understand that their advisor correlates with the major they are currently pursuing. There are advisors for departments such as: 

In order to see if one has any holds, they must log in to their KeanWISE using their Kean username and password, then look for a link called student restrictions. Lastly, students will find any holds and information regarding each hold and what it pertains to.

To register for classes, students can use the following information below:

1. Login to KeanWISE using Kean University email username and password and click registration where students should then look under financial obligation where they will agree to follow the rules that come before registering. 

4. Next, click register for sections to register for classes.

5. Fill out the term whether Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 and click submit, where one will be able to see the list of available courses.

Here are the registration dates for Summer I:

  •  All students: Thursday, Apr 19 to Monday, May 21 

Here are the registration dates for Summer II:

  •  Thursday, Apr 19 to Monday, July 2 

Here are the registration dates for Fall 2018:

  • Early registration: Tuesday, April 3 for scholars, athletes, students with disabilities, veterans and student workers
  •  100 credits and above: Wednesday, Apr 4 for returning freshmen M–Z 
  •  90 credits and above: Thursday, Apr 5 for returning freshmen A–L 
  •  79 credits and above: Friday, Apr 6 
  •  69 credits and above: Monday, Apr 9 
  • 56 credits and above: Tuesday, Apr 10 
  • 51 credits and above: Wednesday, Apr 11 
  • 44 credits and above: Thursday, Apr 12 
  • 35 credits and above: Friday, April 13 
  • 29 credits and above Monday, Apr 16 
  • 0 credits and above Tuesday, Apr 17 

For graduate student registration and any other questions, students can visit this link, where they will be directed to more information.

So get ready for registration!

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Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

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