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Picturesque Locations On Campus

Kean has several picturesque vignettes nestled throughout campus, offering ample photo taking opportunities.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Kean's Union campus is both a growing and pleasing environment. 

The campus itself is much larger than it may appear. Spanning over 180 acres, there is ample opportunity to find a little slice for you and your friends to take "artsy photos". Buildings and open space litter both main campus and East Campus, as well as an extremely diverse amount of wild and plant life. 

The variety of architecture, locations to rendezvous at, and little cuts to spend some alone time are abundant. However, one may wonder, "Where are these locations actually at?" 

If one is searching for solitude or a place to take a quality photo, look no further. Attached below are some of the most picturesque vignettes that one can possibly find here at Kean.

First and foremost is the renowned Clock Tower. It is the center of campus and a figure of Kean itself. 

The Clock Tower area offers seemingly endless places to meet with your friends for a nice photo shoot. Countless benches, greens, trees, and photogenic locations all lie within feet of the aforementioned location. 

However, if the centralized hustle and bustle doesn't appeal to your picture-taking preferences, fear not. 

Just out of earshot from the campus center is a small area located in between the Library and Downs Hall. There are several quaint places for one to take pictures, including a gazebo and multiple monuments and pieces of outdoor art. 

This location is often overlooked by the constant flow of students coming to and from campus, and offers a "low key" and relaxed sort of atmosphere for students looking to catch up on studies or capture some great flicks. 

If neither of the previous two locations are deemed acceptable for your photography expertise, Kean has even more locations up its sleeve. 

Just on the opposite side of the CAS is a massive courtyard with even more contemporary outdoor art, benches, and even a small bridge over a stream. This location truly has it all for the prospective photographer and is frequented rarely. 

Finally, for those that are looking for absolute silence and solitude, look no further than the Sundial, nestled behind Townsend Hall. 

This laid back and rather small locale is yet another rarely visited place here at Kean. It offers a perspective and view that few people have gotten the chance to see, and will for sure set apart your photos from the generalized locations. 

As clearly shown, the locations are endless for potential photo taking opportunities. Kean offers plenty of photogenic places both on and off the beaten path, just waiting to be exploited. If one's struggling for that next great Instagram post, maybe one of the locations listed above can help solve one's dilemma and get one the likes and aesthetic they crave!

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Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer 

Kieffer Braisted is a Staff Writer for The Cougar’s Byte. He joined the staff in March 2018.