Rang De Holi 2K18

Students enjoy the 3rd annual Holi festival at Kean University

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Rang De Holi 2K18

Students enjoying Rang De Holi 2k18

Abigail Anne Rafael, Editor

On Tuesday, April 17, Indian Cultural Club, International Student Association and Asian Studies hosted Rang De Holi 2K18. 

This year's Holi festival was the 3rd annual Holi festival held at Kean University. The event is also known as the "Festival of Colors" because the festival encourages participants to use colored powders against each other. Colored powders are used to celebrate the vivid colors of the upcoming spring as well as the triumph of good versus evil in Hindu legends.

The event began with an introduction from Indian Cultural Club's advisor Professor Hassan who then handed the mic off to Indian Cultural Club's President Nisarg Modi who gave a short explanation of the significance of Holi in India.

Holi is attributed to multiple Hindu legends. The main one is the legend of Holika. In this legend, Hiranyakashipu, the King of Demons, had become arrogant as a result of Lord Brahma blessing him with immortality. He started to demand that his people worshiped him instead of the gods. His son, Prahlad, continued to be devoted to Lord Vishnu; however, Hiranyakashipu sent his sister, Holika, to kill him through fire. As the fire engulfed him, Prahlad continued to call for Lord Vishnu and was thus saved by him while Holika was killed. This legend thus symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

To commemorate this, a bonfire ceremony will be held the day before in an event called Holika Dahan. The next day will be the main Holi festival in which everyone is invited to throw colored powders and play. The celebration is also celebrated in part to ease any past tensions between enemies through a fun, colorful way.

After Modi's introduction, Hassan opened the floor up to different performers from the Indian Culture Club who danced a mix of modern and traditional Indian dances.

Afterward, the DJ encouraged everyone to come together and dance. Everyone was crowding together and enjoying themselves when someone suddenly began the festivities by releasing a cloud of colored powder. From there, the Festival of Colors was on full blast. 

Bursts of pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and reds came from all around the basketball court. Students chased one another with colors while some unsuspecting victims were surprised with a fist full of colored powder. 

By the end, all participants were tainted with various colors and held large smiles on their faces. Any differences or unfamiliarity between students were muddied by the mix of colors.

The event was truly a sight to see. 

Kean University students eagerly await future Holi events to come.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Editor

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