A Day to Remember

Students flooded Cougar Walk to interact with the many student organizations for Kean Day

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A Day to Remember

Students showed off their Kean pride with their matching Kean Day t-shirts.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

On Friday Sept. 14, Kean Day came to Cougar Walk. This lively event is hosted by the Miron Student Center (MSC) every fall semester and is one of the most popular events throughout the year. It allows student organizations and clubs of all types to present themselves to the student body in a fun and casual way. It gives everyone a chance to learn about all of the organizations that Kean has to offer. 

Kean Day is for organizations of all kind, whether that be a club, sorority or fraternity, or student group. The members have the ability to not only show why they love their organization but to learn all about other organizations as well. It is also a great opportunity for freshmen and transfer students to learn all about what Kean has to offer. 

Katrina Lepage, the treasurer of the Earth Science Club, agrees. “I feel like it’s a really good opportunity to reach out not only to the freshmen class but to everyone on campus to try and get them interested and involved in our club. It also gives us the chance to learn about other clubs, too.”

From 2 to 4 p.m. Cougar Walk had tables on either side reaching from the Center for Academic Success (CAS) all the way down to Harwood Arena, full of students eager to engage with each other. Some were excited to show off their student group while others were optimistic in finding a new club to join. DJ Nix in the Mix kept the crowd energized as he blasted today's top hits on the MSC patio.

Luckily for those who had attended, there was an array of food selections and free goodies. For food, one could choose from multiple options including 7-Eleven, Le Bon Pretzels, Rita's and more. Many of the tables were giving out free items such as lanyards, pens, tattoos, and even Kean apparel. 

Rita's at Kean Day 2018

Rita's was one of the many food options available at this years Kean Day.  

There was also representation present for the several offices that Kean has. For instance, Caroline Guerra, a student worker at the Office of the Registrar, was representing her office. “I’m excited for representing my office because I really do love my job,” Guerra said.

For many organizations, it was their first time at Kean Day. They got the opportunity to show Kean what their organization is and what they are all about. For example, the National Council of Negro Women were first-timers at this year’s Kean Day.

Tierra Hooker, the vice president of the organization, said, “This is our first actual Kean Day here on campus. Last semester, we started late so to be able to be here on Kean Day is exciting because we have a lot of sign-ups. So we’re excited to bring what we have to Kean.” 

The National Council of Negro Women at Their First Kean Day

The National Council of Negro Women representing their organization for the first time at this years Kean Day. 

Additionally, Art Over All made their debut at this year’s Kean Day. Their table was adorned with all of their artwork, including a live drawing of someone playing guitar by one of their members. For favors, they were giving out free glitter tattoos. Vice President Cheyonne Thompson explained how the organization was excited to show Kean what they have to offer. He also said, “Our table is showing what our club is all about — having fun, painting, getting people involved, making people smile, and just having a good time.”

Gaby Rodriguez of the Latin American Student Organization also participated in Kean Day for the first time. She explained her excitement for showing off her new organization. Kean Day was the perfect platform to do so. The Latin American Student Organization table included examples of clothing that represented their culture, and a board where people wrote their favorite aspects of their own culture.

Greek life also made an appearance at Kean Day. This event allows them to show the community what their organization stands for and what it means to them. All of the sororities and fraternities had their tables set up, proudly displaying their letters. Some decided to go for a theme, such as Delta Phi Epsilon’s “Paradise” table, while others stuck to their natural roots. 

Delta Phi Epsilon at Kean Day 2018

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon proudly displaying their "paradise" themed table. 

The brothers of Nu Sigma Phi eagerly engaged with the passing students while they proudly displayed their letters. Will Horner of the History Committee said, "I’m excited to meet new people, spread my love for my brothers throughout the day, maybe meet some new people, make friends, and maybe find some stuff myself."

Nu Sigma Phi at Kean Day 2018

The brothers of Nu Sigma Phi showing their pride at Kean Day 2018.

On the other side of Cougar Walk were the sisters of Sigma Beta Chi. Their vice president, Tiffany Mallinder, said, “I’m excited to meet new people and have people talk to us. I’m also excited to see all the clubs I could possibly join.” Kean Day was the perfect opportunity to show the community who they are and what they stand for. 

Sigma Beta Chi at Kean Day 2018

The sisters of Sigma Beta Chi proudly representing their organization at Kean Day 2018. 

Kean University prides itself on its outstanding sense of community, which was clearly displayed at this year's Kean Day. Everyone should be able to find their niche on campus that allows them to express themselves.

For freshmen and transfer students, Kean Day allowed them to learn all about what Kean has to offer and to get them involved as much as possible. Moreover, it provided vital visibility to student organizations here at Kean. Everyone should be able to find somewhere to fit in here at Kean.

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