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The programs provided in each building

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A Look Inside Our Buildings

Kean University is an institution that houses programs in many of the buildings seen around campus.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kean University is an educational institution that prides itself on its ability to provide programs and areas for students to develop. With that being said, Kean is home to more than ten academic buildings that seek to implement skills needed by students. 

Here is a list of the following academic buildings provided at Kean:

  • Hutchinson Hall

  • Hennings Hall

  • Science Building
  • Bruce Hall

  • Townsend Hall

Kean University hopes to provide financial assistance to all its students

  • Center for Academic Success (CAS)

  • Wilkins Theatre

  • Vaughn Eames Hall
  • New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM)

  • North Avenue Academic Building (NAAB)

  • East Campus Building
  • Willis Hall
  • Green Lane

Here are a few descriptions of each program and department. Hutchinson Hall is home to many programs such as Africana studies, economics and many more.

  1. Africana Studies - Graduates who hone a background in Africana studies are better prepared for employment in government, ranging from foreign service, international development agencies and human service organizations. 
  2. Economics - Students immersed in economic studies are introduced to the structure, processes and theories that build analytical thinking and prepares students for the corporate world.

Hennings Hall is a space that provides knowledge to early childhood and family studies, alongside recreation administration and many more programs.

  1. Early childhood and family studies - This program is based on well researched theories of child development and provides students with assets. As undergraduate and graduate students one can earn a dual certification for the State of New Jersey (preschool to grade three or kindergarten to grade six), and a selection of courses.  
  2. Recreation administration - This program is student centered and provides students with a supportive environment that builds academic success and personal growth. Through this area of study students can specialize in commercial recreation, community recreation and therapeutic recreation.

The Science Building serves as an outlet for students to explore the sciences and their abilities to develop them. Here are a few of the programs that are offered:

  1. Earth science - This program provides the highest quality of education through various avenues, which include field research, geochemistry, geology, earth science technology, oceanography, marine conservation and atmospheric science. For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here. 
  2. Mathematical science - This is a program designed to prepare students for graduate studies and to fulfill several objectives. These objectives include: problem-solving, investigations and background within mathematical studies. For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

Bruce Hall offers medical technology, which is a program that allows students eligibility for the national certification in medical technology. 

The program is affiliated with Morristown Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune and The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. The department understands the need for more medical technologists to fill positions in hospitals, clinics and research laboratories. For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here

Townsend Hall provides Asian studies and history buffs the opportunities to continue their studies.

  1. Asian studies - Students can find jobs in business, government, international companies and organization, media education and many more avenues. With an Asian studies degree from Kean, students will experience traveling abroad or professional internships. For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.  
  2. History - Students can develop critical thinking, communication skills needed across cultures, researching, analyzing and writing within historical literacy. The department understands the high demand of history buffs within the workplace.

Center for Academic Success (CAS) serves as four floors of departments that seek to teach and guide students for the future endeavors. 

Programs like communication and English are offered, under the school of communication, media and journalism students build many of the following: problem-solving, team building, social media, reporting, creativity, critical thinking and other important factors. 

The English major leads to a wide knowledge of literature that develops skills in analysis, research and writing. For more information on course descriptions, please click here

Wilkins theatre is home to a music program that is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Kean University's Music Conservatory offers three undergraduate courses of study in music, music performance and pedagogy.  

Vaughn Eames hall gives students the opportunity to craft their art history and fine arts skills along with other programs. Art history is an 18 credit minor that allows students to complements majors such as psychology, history, design, business and communication. 

The fine arts program offers a variety of degree options for students interested in becoming productive artists, craft persons, art teachers and art historians. Degree program options include fine arts, studio art and studio art/photography.

New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) allows students to experiment in engineering, biomedicine and other disciplines. Alongside the STEM building, the North Avenue Academic Building (NAAB) also guides students in computer science and information technology

The East Campus building houses the psychology department and program. Through this program, students can develop research and measurement skills, knowledge of ethics, interpersonal skills and communication skills. For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here

In Willis Hall, students have the options of studying accounting, criminal justice, finance, management and marketing. Each of these departments' goals are to educate students, help find business and job opportunities and develop impactful strategies. 

Lastly, Green Lane is a glass building full of students studying interior design, architectural studies and other creative platforms. Students willing to learn can expect extensive lectures, studios, presentations and guidance from external professional designers. 

Students can find more information about each program mentioned and more by visiting the Kean website.

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Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

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