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Dean for a Day!

The College of Liberal Arts presents: Dean for a Day!

Abigail Anne Rafael, Editor

One lucky student will have the chance to experience a day in the life of Jonathan Mercantini, the current Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. In turn,  Mercantini will observe a day in the life of the student. 

The exchange will take place Thursday, Nov. 1, and students can apply for the opportunity until Friday, Sept. 28. The application for Dean for a Day may be completed on Cougar Link. To be eligible for the opportunity, students need to have at least one class and one campus event Thursday, Nov. 1. Along with these requirements, students must submit a short essay on why they feel Mercantini should go through their school day. A student's passage should not extend past 500 words. Students may also opt to submit a two-minute video in place of the excerpt. 

Dean for a Day was started last year by previous College of Liberal Arts dean, Jianna Pisa. The experiences she had with students gave rise to the concept of this year's College of Liberal Arts Convocation. The Convocation was intended to facilitate a conversation between students and facility of the College of Liberal Arts in hopes of improving the College of Liberal Arts for the success of its students.

Dean for a Day is an additional opportunity for Liberal Arts students to speak to the head of the college in a more personal and detailed manner. 

"For this year, I am once again hoping to learn more about the student experience at Kean [specifically about] what challenges do our students face," Dean Mercantini explains. "Having a student come in and serve as Dean and my taking advantage of the opportunity to be a student for a day, provides great insight into student and administrative life. I know many students have good ideas on how we can make things better at Kean, and I want to hear about them. I also hope that creating this opportunity helps students learn more about the Dean's office, the support and services we can provide and how we are working to improve the student experience at Kean."

Students of the College of Liberal Arts are encouraged to attend the Convocation and apply for the Dean for a Day opportunity to help better their Kean experience.

More information on Dean for a Day and the application can be found on Cougar Link. Again, the deadline to apply is Sept. 28.

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Abigail Anne Rafael, Editor

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