Introducing The Office Of Student Government!

Student Government strives to enhance the student life at Kean University

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Introducing The Office Of Student Government!

The Office of Student Government seeks to be the voice of the Kean community and its students.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

The Office of Student Government is an essential part of Kean University. As an office that seeks to provide quality service and growth within its students, Student government can build opportunities for the Kean community. Their vision is to impart and expand their service by incorporating leadership opportunities, professional and personal development and a diverse system.

Student government is an office that mediates the issues between their eboard and the students. Students can always benefit from student government because of the various events and programs that seek to produce achievements within one's life.

Located in the Miron Student Center (MSC), Room 309, student government is comprised of both full-time undergraduate and Graduate and Part-Time Student Council (GPSC), where these boards represent the students and their voices. 

The GPSC's aim is to be a tool that graduate students can use in order to prepare for their future outside of Kean. In order to meet the needs of graduate students GPSC supplies resources for testings, accommodate the schedules of the students and provide them with programs that can help alleviate worry and stress.

So why do universities and colleges have student governments or organizations? Firstly, student government has the power to create a stronger institution. At Kean, this is achieved through the variety of events, activities and initiatives student government has proposed every year.  

One way that student government has impacted the campus is with the Commuter Resource Center (CRC). The CRC was created to help non-resident students by getting them involved in various programs. These programs in turn allow students to interact with others and expand their engagement at Kean. Located in Hutchinson Hall, Room 130, students can use the center for class preparation and relaxation. 

Student Government also grants funding to over 20 recognized groups on campus, which increases student involvement. It is essential to have a campus where students can have their voices heard, which is why student government encourages students to create new and impactful clubs.  

The Office of Student Government has the ability to guide students through leadership possibilities, by giving them a position that entails certain responsibilities needed for growth. 

For more information, visit CougarLink or the Kean website. Feel free to contact their office at (908) 737-5190.

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Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

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