Kean Day Is On Its Way!

Get ready to meet the organizations and clubs of Kean University

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Kean Day Is On Its Way!

Kean Day is an event that allows students to connect with other students and be a part of a group environment on campus.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

At the beginning of every fall semester, Kean University holds a day where new and returning students can learn more about the clubs and organizations offered on campus. Thus students can look forward to Kean Day, which will take place on Friday, Sept. 14 from 1 to 4 p.m. 

Students are encouraged to take the time to walk around and learn about the various organizations at Kean, while showing Kean Pride by wearing Kean paraphernalia.Whether one is looking to join Greek life or an academic organization, Kean Day will allow them to browse the assorted tables alongside the Cougar Walk. 

When starting a college career, many students are given the chance to become involved and develop through activities and programs at Kean. With that in mind, Kean Day serves as a tool for students to meet and connect with clubs/organizations and their members.

Although Kean Day is hosted every fall semester, it serves as a guide throughout the school year, enabling students to explore more ways to get involved. It is important to note that Kean Day is not an event that forces students to join clubs. Involvement at Kean can ultimately aid a student in their future endeavors. If one would like to join a club, they can easily sign up for notifications and receive meeting dates throughout the semester.

Another benefit of Kean Day is the ability to make friends and to build connections with fellow members that can lead friendships outside of the club. Kean Day can also serve as a day of networking and putting oneself out there.

Brianna Crawford, senior involvement specialist for operations and staff development at the Involvement Center, can attest that Kean Day promotes involvement and allows individuals to be apart of a team setting.

"Students should be active during Kean Day because it is the perfect opportunity to see what Kean has to offer," said Crawford. "Students have the opportunity to meet all the clubs and organizations on campus and see where they fit best. The benefits include getting familiar with the campus community at Kean, introductions to organizations they can get involved with, building up a student's CCT and make them stand out when applying for grad schools and jobs."

Bria Williams, senior involvement specialist for programming and outreach has seen student experience the inclusiveness of the campus community and gain confidence through the organizations they joined.

"They find the sorority or fraternity that they want to join, while some students are later able to take on leadership roles within their organizations," Williams said. "Involvement on campus goes up after Kean Day, students are excited to join different organizations and want to get involved with the campus community. They utilize Involvement Center resources and visit our office for more information."

Kerrin Lyles, director of the Miron Student Center believes the possibilities are endless, for students to can get connected with a club or organization and make new friends in a low-pressure environment. The connections one makes at Kean Day can last a college career and beyond. 

For more information about Kean Day, students should go on Cougar Link or contact Kerrin Lyles, director of the Miron Student Center (MSC) to learn more. 

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