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How scholarships services can help students financially

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Stability Through Scholarships

A scholarship award is an application away!

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Need financial assistance?

Kean University is New Jersey's most affordable comprehensive university, and the best value in the state for a world-class education. 

With that being said, Kean University specializes in providing financial stability for its students through various means. One outlet for financial aid is scholarships, the Office of Scholarship Services prides itself on its ability to support the academic excellence of current and future students through generous scholarship support.

The mission of the office is dedicated to providing financial access to an exceptional education, as well as upholding ethical standards of scholarship dissemination and assessment.

As a school that prioritizes and cherishes diversity, scholarships are offered for undergraduate and graduate students of all races, religions and genders. When searching for scholarships, students can apply for foundation scholarships and external scholarships like Fastweb and HESAA

Before a student can apply for scholarships through Kean, they are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will improve the odds of a scholarship award. The FAFSA application can be completed electronically by visiting FAFSA.

Foundation scholarships are sponsored through Kean University and are dedicated to providing aid for every student attending the university, with many of these scholarships awarded through The Common Application. Each of these scholarships have their own requirements and cater to specific achievements made by students. 

Here are a few of the categories in the foundation scholarships:

External scholarships have no affiliation with Kean University, but can be a useful alternative when considering applying outside of the foundation scholarships. These scholarships serve as another opportunity for students to be awarded for outstanding academic success, community service alongside race, gender, sexual orientation and more. 

For more information on which external scholarships to consider visit external scholarships.

It should be noted that each external scholarship has different deadlines and criteria, so it is best to apply in a timely manner. 

The timeline for foundation scholarships can be found under scholarship process and timeline.

Having financial worries while in college can take a toll on the overall experience, so take advantage of the scholarship tools available here at Kean. 

Students with any questions regarding scholarships are encouraged to email Kean University Scholars, call the office at (908) 737-3480 or stop by the office in Townsend Hall, Room 122. 

An award is one application away!

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