The Impact of Tutoring at Kean

How the tutoring services can provide academic assistance to students

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The Impact of Tutoring at Kean

Tutoring is an essential tool that should be used to reach academic excellence.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

There is no secret that Kean University is an institution that provides academic assistance for its students. It understands that success in college is attributed to academic achievements, social platforms and involvement. 

Without academic success a student cannot achieve their maximum potential. The Tutoring and Learning Support Services located in the Nancy Thompson Library Commons 3rd Floor, offers students the opportunity for aid in academic courses like mathematics, science, history and many other undergraduate and graduate courses.

So why is tutoring essential in college? Tutoring can:

  • Help strengthen the understanding of a course
  • Boost confidence within the course 
  • Build useful learning skills   
  • Implement time management skills

Tutoring can also serve as a place where students feel special, and they have the opportunity to a one-on-one session that is different from a classroom setting. Students who find topics challenging are then able to keep up and even excel past their fellow peers.

Another advantage is that tutoring prepares students for tests or exams by working with them on specific topics. For example, if a math exam focuses on multiplying polynomials in algebra the student may be able to gain more knowledge on that topic that they struggle with. 

Academic performance is not about memorizing the material but actually understanding and being able to apply what is learned. Within the tutoring services, they strive to help students gain confidence and attain academic excellence. 

Within their department, tutoring is available by appointment and on a walk-in basis with one-on-one or group sessions. They also select and train both student and professional tutors to ensure the maximum support for the students. When training potential tutors, they adapt course content and objectives that is an extension of a classroom setting. This in turn allows the tutors to know the most beneficial way to help a student with the professor's material.

The tutoring services ultimate goal is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve the highest grade possible and to master the academic content needed to progress in their academic careers.   

To make an appointment students can visit Tutortrac where they will be able to easily schedule a time, date and tutor who best suits them. TutorTrac is a system developed specifically for learning, writing, tutoring, academic skills and other centers that support students in higher education. 

Regular hours in fall and spring semesters are:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9 7 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Many students can actually use the services to enhance their academic outcome, obtain better grades and maintain a good grade point average (GPA).  

If anyone is struggling in any courses, they should consider checking out the tutoring services here at Kean.

For any questions regarding the tutoring and learning support center, email or call (908) 737-4681. 

Academic success is an appointment away!

Below is a list of courses that students can receive tutoring for in the tutoring center:

  • ACCT 2200 [Principles of Accounting I]
  • ACCT 2210 [Principles of Accounting II]
  • ACCT 3210 [Intermediate Accounting I]
  • BIO 1000 [Principles of Biology]
  • BIO 1300 [General Biology I]
  • BIO 1400 [General Biology II]
  • BIO 2500 [Principles of Botany]
  • BIO 3305 [Principles of Microbiology]
  • BIO 3403 [Anatomy and Physiology I]
  • BIO 3404 [Anatomy and Physiology II]
  • BIO 3614 [Principles of Ecology]
  • BIO 3709 [Principles of Genetics]
  • BIO 4105 [Essentials of Biochemistry]
  • CHEM 1083 [General Chemistry I]
  • CHEM 1084 [General Chemistry II]
  • CHEM 1200 [Chemistry in Your World]
  • CHEM 2283 [Quantitative Analysis]
  • CHEM 2581 [Organic Chemistry I]
  • CHEM 2582 [Organic Chemistry II]
  • CHEM 3381 [Physical Chemistry I]
  • CPS 1031 [Introduction to Computer]
  • CPS 1032 [Microcomputer Applications]
  • CPS 1231 [Fundamentals of Computer Science]
  • CPS 2231 [Computer Organ and Programming]
  • CPS 2232 [Data Structures and Algorithms]
  • ECO 1020 [Principles of Economics I  Macroeconomics]
  • ECO 1021 [Principles of Economics II  Microeconomics]
  • FIN 3310 [Management of Corporate Finance I]
  • FIN 3311 [Management of Corporate Finance II]
  • MATH 1000 [College Algebra]
  • MATH 1010 [Foundations of Math]
  • MATH 1044 [Pre-Calculus for Business]
  • MATH 1054 [Pre-Calculus]    
  • MATH 2110 [Discrete Structures]
  • MATH 2415 [Calculus I]
  • MATH 2416 [Calculus II]
  • MATH 2995 [Matrix and Linear Algebra]
  • MATH 3110 [Introduction to Proofs]
  • MATH 3225 [Computational Methods]
  • MATH 3247 [Abstract Algebra I]
  • MATH 3342 [Euclidean/Non-Euclidean Geometry]
  • MATH 3415 [Calculus III]
  • MATH 3455 [Differential Equations]
  • MATH 3544 [Probability and Math Statistics]
  • MGS 2150 [Business Statistics and Applications]
  • MGS 2030 [Principles of Management]
  • MGS 3110 [Management Decision Modeling]
  • PHYS 2091 [General Physics I]
  • PHYS 2092 [General Physics I
  • PHYS 2096 [Physics II]

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