The One Stop Destination to Success

The One Stop Service Center recently relocated to the the first floor of CAS and is here to aid students to success

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The One Stop Destination to Success

The One Stop Service Center representatives are always ready and willing to help students meet their needs. 

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The One Stop Service Center recently changed location to the first floor of the Maxine & Jack Lane Center for Academic Success (CAS). At this new central location, the staff is more than willing to resolve any student concerns and aid in resolving student issues. 

One Stop is essentially a hub of information regarding Kean University. They have the ability to answer questions and aid students in topics such as financial aid, student accounting, course registration and much more. If they are for some reason unable to answer a certain question or provide help on a certain topic, they will be sure to point one in the direction of someone who could better assist them. Their overall goal is to guide students to success here at Kean University. 

“The idea of One Stop is to be exactly that: one stop," said Joseph Flemming, a One Stop professional. 

They are focused on helping students at their easiest convenience, which is why they have relocated to this central location. Additionally, this is why they are well-versed in many aspects of Kean University and have a big collection of knowledge to satisfy every student that needs it. 

Flemming also explained that One Stop acts as a liaison between students and the various offices of Kean University. Instead of students having to go out of their way to different offices to ask questions or give paperwork, the One Stop has the ability to do this for the students. It is a central location for all of this information, and now it is actually located in an easy, central location in CAS. 

At One Stop, there are student navigators to assist in resolving student questions and concerns. They have a lot of knowledge to offer including but not limited to registration, change of major, graduate student services, financial aid, student accounting and much more. They are certainly more than willing to answer any questions or point one in the right direction to someone else who will best be able to help. 

Since One Stop has the ability to help students in various topics, many may be confused on all of the services they offer. One of the lesser known services is KeanWise training for students. They also help students with permission from their school's Dean to withdraw from courses once registration has closed. Many students may not know that this is an option for them, but One Stop is more than willing to help students with this.

One service that may be useful for commuter students is processing train and NJ Transit verification forms. Services that could be useful for freshmen or new transfer students include providing copies of program evaluations for transfer student and the approval of ZipCar requests, which could benefit freshmen that are not allowed to have their car on campus. One Stop also provides enrollment verificaiton to students.

One Stop also has a lot of services to benefit upcoming graduates. For example, they have diploma pick-up, accept graduation and certification applications and provide degree verification request.

A list of the rest of One Stop’s services, according to their webpage, includes:

  • Registration for course(s)
  • Registration for Independent Study or Internship (supporting documentation required) *
  • Course(s) Drops
  • Withdrawal from the University (must see Retention specialist)
  • Providing referrals to other departments
  • Answering various questions pertaining to Financial Aid
  • Assisting students with adding and dropping courses during registration periods
  • Assisting newly admitted, transfer, second degree, and re-admitting students with their “next steps”
  • Official Transcript pick up
  • Accepting tuition waiver forms and supplement documentation
  • Processing add/drop forms obtained from Dean’s office
  • Considering student appeals/petitions submissions
  • Printing unofficial transcript requests
  • Processing change of Major/Minor status change (forms must be signed)
  • Stamping University Seal for official departmental documents
  • Processing Grade Recalculation submission
  • Processing all registration petitions, drop/add and credit overload forms
  • Processing Pass/Fail and Audit requests

For any more information regarding the One Stop Service Center and the services they provide, please feel free to reach out by email at, by phone (908) 73-REGME or by visiting them at their new convenient location in CAS.  

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