Advice on Registration and Academic Advisement

Learn how to register for classes and remove the new academic holds before registration opens Oct. 30

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Advice on Registration and Academic Advisement

Seeking academic advisement before registering for classes is essential and required for each and every Kean student. 

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Although it seems like just yesterday was the onset of another school year, students at Kean University are already preparing for midterms and class registration for the upcoming semester this week.

Registration is made simple via KeanWISE and can be done from the comfort of one's bed or convenience of a cell phone. However, there are necessary steps required prior to registration. These steps include seeking advisement and removing any academic or financial holds that an individual may have on their account.

First is the aspect of seeking academic advisement from one's faculty adviser. Academic advisement is required of all Kean students prior to course registration. Students who haven't yet sorted out their academic advisement may notice two holds on their account in KeanWISE, under "Student Restrictions" titled:

  • A1 Faculty Advisement 1st Major
  • 2A1 2nd Advisement 1st Major

Additionally, some students may notice two new holds on their account that would not affect any registration actions (registration, add/drop, grades, etc.):

  • 2nd Advisement 1st Major
  • 2nd Advisement 2nd Major – (for those who have a second major)

These holds are placed with the expectation that students meet with their faculty adviser(s) at least twice in the semester to ensure students' success at Kean.

The second meeting should be prior to the end of the Fall semester to review the continued progress and finalize a spring course schedule.

Students considering withdrawing from a course, should hold their second meeting close to the Nov. 14 withdrawal deadline to discuss options and implications of withdrawing, as well as any changes they need to make to their spring course schedule.

Holds are removed upon seeking academic advisement. Meeting with one's faculty adviser is essential to ensuring that one is on the right track to graduation in terms of academic standing with the university. This can include making sure that one takes the required course load and chooses the right classes, both major requirements and electives.

When seeking academic advisement, it's recommended that one comes prepared with the necessary information and documents needed to properly ensure that your adviser can help to accommodate your scheduling needs to the best of their abilities. These documents include one's current major guide sheet found on KeanWISE, program evaluation also located on KeanWISE and a plan for the upcoming semester.

After discussing thoroughly with your adviser over your various scheduling options, they will then remove the multiple restrictions preventing one to register. 

Once the aforementioned holds have been removed, one must determine the date of which they are eligible to commence their registration. The registration dates are determined by a multitude of factors. The registration schedule is as follows: 


Scholars*: Tue., Oct. 30
Athletes: Tue., Oct. 30
Students with a disability**: Tue., Oct. 30
Veterans: Tue., Oct. 30

Graduate: Tue., Oct. 30

* Eligible scholars must have a 3.85 Cumulative
** Students with a disability-Students who seek
support services must be on file in the Office of
Disability Services, Downs Hall Room 127 in
order to register for priority registration. 

100 credits and above: Wed., Oct. 31
Returning Freshmen A-L & 90 credits and above: Thur., Nov. 1
Returning Freshmen M-Z & 79 credits and above: Fri., Nov. 2
69 credits and above: Mon., Nov. 5
56 credits and above: Wed., Nov. 7
51 credits and above: Thur., Nov. 8
44 credits and above: Fri., Nov. 9
35 credits and above: Tue., Nov. 13
29 credits and above: Wed., Nov. 14
0 credits and above: Thur., Nov. 15
All students: Fri., Nov. 16–Mon., Jan. 21 

All Other Eligibility Groups:

Incoming Freshman Thurs., Nov. 8
Incoming Transfers Thurs., Nov. 8
Readmitted Students Thurs., Nov. 8
Non-Matriculated Students Fri., Nov. 23
Senior Citizens**/NJ-Tuition Benefit for Unemployed Persons**: Tue., Jan. 29

**Overload authorization will not be accepted for
closed courses

Add/Drop Period: Tue., Jan. 22 to Tue., Jan. 29 (non-online classes ONLY) 

After both removing their holds and determining one's date based upon the criteria above, Kean students can register for their classes successfully and in a timely manner. 

It is essential to register as soon as possible to ensure class availability and accommodation to one's schedule requests. 

Now armed with the necessary information concerning advisement and registration, gear up for registration beginning Tuesday, Oct. 30!

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