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Education in Many Locations

With endless options, Kean's Travelearn and Study Abroad programs offer ample opportunity for Kean students seeking to study abroad.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Ever wanted to study abroad, but didn't have the time to dedicate a whole year or semester in doing so?

Well, Kean University's Travelearn is dedicated to providing short-term study abroad opportunities to those that may otherwise not be able to go for a longer period of time.

Travelearn is a program run by the Center for International Studies(CIS), which allows students the opportunity to combine both academic and cultural studies through trips to various destinations across the globe. These destinations are typically not offered in general, full-length study abroad programs so there is a certain uniqueness in participating in a Travelearn trip as well.

The programs offered vary by trip and destination and are lead by faculty who are experts in their respective fields of study.

It should be noted that the application process may vary from program to program, so it is encouraged that those interested should contact Travelearn representatives located in the CIS office within the Center for Academic Success (CAS) Room 121 for specific information on any particular trips.

External participants not affiliated with Kean are also encouraged to apply. If interested, one must fill out the Registration Eligibility Form found on CIS' webpage and submit it to CIS' office in CAS Room 121. Once this process is completed, applicants will be given a username and PIN to allow themselves to register online via KeanWISE.

All relevant forms for potential applicants can be found on the Travelearn webpage of the Kean website.

Faculty are also encouraged to both inquire about and participate in Travelearn. Additional information for faculty can also be found on the Travelearn webpage.

However, what happens if time is available for one to study for a whole semester or year? Well, there are options for those students as well.

In an attempt to foster intellectualism, inter-cultural skills and students' knowledge about the world as a whole, Kean University encourages those that meet the requirements to consider studying abroad.

To study abroad, one must meet the minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA requirement at the time of the application deadline. One also must be of at least sophomore standing and in good disciplinary standing with the institution.

There are several providers of study abroad opportunities. The full list can be found on the studying abroad information page.

For those concerned about their financial aid eligibility, do not fear! Kean's Office of Financial Aid will consider students eligible when studying through any of the study abroad opportunities offered here. Thus, tuition is no different than being on campus in Union, Toms River or Wenzhou.

Those that want to find out more information about Travelearn or studying abroad can visit the Center for International Studies at CAS Room 121, or make an appointment by emailing

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Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer 

Kieffer Braisted is a Staff Writer for The Cougar’s Byte. He joined the staff in March 2018.