One Candidate At A Time: Freshman Class Elections 2018

Each candidate has a chance to help build the Class of 2022

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One Candidate At A Time: Freshman Class Elections 2018

Welcome the freshman class of 2022 candidates as they make their mark on this election. Courtesy of Student Organization.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Students at Kean can be a voice for their community through the Student Organization of Kean University. With that being said, every school year Student Organization allows freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors the ability to be a part of a group of individuals who advocate for their class. 

The freshman class of 2022 elections will take place from Tuesday, Oct. 16 to Thursday, Oct. 18. The positions open include president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and class representatives as well. 

Having the title of freshman class president, vice president, treasurer or secretary is an honor that showcases each students' dedication, motivation and accomplishments toward building initiatives for their fellow peers.

Carli Hench, managing assistant director of Student Government is impressed with the candidates who are willing to help their class. 

Here are the list of candidates and the positions they are applying for:


  • Sabrina Ahmed - "I vow to continue working toward my mission to change the world's perception of Muslims — beginning at home — by being an example of excellence in all that I do and by being the president of Kean's freshman class."
  • Mekhia Baker - "I am really big on self love, and my goal is to make sure many people achieve this [attribute]. I am [also] very diverse, and I like being around different people. I [also] enjoy giving back, and I like to make sure that I volunteer."
  • Skye Baker - "Discipline, integrity and responsibility are all characteristics I have and value. I would love to continue growing myself and my peers with this amazing opportunity."
  • Sarah Beauvais - "Being involved is very important to me. From being the fourth grade class president to junior class president, I have always served my position exceedingly. Another dream of mine would be becoming a class officer and becoming involved as much as I can."
  • Sarah Durant - "I am applying for the class president or vice-president position. I think I will be a good candidate for either position because I am a good example and role model of what a good student or classmate should be."
  • Luis Garabito - "I want to make this college/campus experience memorable and fun for not just my class but every class after. I'm the type of leader that wants to hear what everyone has to say because every voice matters to make everyone experience [college better]"
  • Salvatore Giordano - "If elected I will be dedicated to  making Kean University a better place for students to learn and relax, while maintaining a high grade point average. It will be my duty to assist and advise my peers to work diligently and efficiently to achieve the goals we set out to complete."
  • Ulysses Green - "I believe in dedicating time with like-minded and motivated individuals [who] will help evoke positive changes. I have a goal to become a voice for the freshman student body who will voice concerns and pose successful solutions.
  • Luna Marmol - "I make my decisions based on logic and reason, but I continually remind myself to be a human being first because that's what matters. If we can help, we will. If we can't help, I will."
  • Adrian Matos - "I feel that I've come a long way in my life due to some struggles I had in the past, but personally, college is a new beginning that is waiting for me to go out and experience the many opportunities that I may potentially acquire later on in life."
  • Joseph Menocal - "I ran for my class secretary sophomore and junior year, won [the position], improved my classes' budget and was able to have prom in a nice place and designed the yearbook cover."
  • Esteban Rodriguez - "I believe that taking the incentive to do what is fair and equal to all and conducting oneself in a positive and righteous manner are the keys to success, whether it may be as a president, student or just as a person."

Vice President

  • Kevin Baker - "Hello, I am applying for the Vice President position. Thank you."
  • Jason Pleitez - "I want to be the voice for others. I want to be your voice. I want to be able to succeed as a student leader and be able to assist others. With your vote, I can accomplish that."
  • Samantha Saint-Pierre - "I am open to hearing everyone's opinions and will always try my best to get what you guys want and need done."
  • Tariq Williams - "I feel that being a part of student government will not only help me but will let me help others."


  • Rashaun Garraway - "At Kean, Rashaun plans to pursue a major in finance and a minor in accounting. He also aims to become a member of the Accounting Club as well as work within Residential Student Services (RSS)."


  • Sadaqah Balaam - "I am 20 years old and my hobbies include cooking, watching old TV shows and reading. I am applying for the secretary position to help make a difference for the class of 2022."
  • Mya Bradley - "Mya feels that her position she held at Walmart strongly helped her team working and communication skills. Mya is pursuing a career in early childhood education. She aims on having a career as a social worker that works directly with Catholic Charities."
  • Prince Flomo is also running for secretary Class of 2022.
  • Ilana Lightburn - "Throughout my life, I have had much experience volunteering in my community, and being a role model and leader for others."
  • Ty-Tiana Williams Joachim is also running for secretary Class of 2022.

Freshman Class Senator

  • Zy'Erica Haynes - "I enjoy helping others, staying on top of my school work, and making sure I stand out from the rest."
  • Ashley Hudson - "I will work with my fellow elected officers to the best of my abilities to create programs and activities that are not only fun and entertaining, but also motivational and intriguing."
  • Taleeah Jones is also running for senator for Class of 2022.
  • Reyanna Lawrence - "I believe that I can be a great asset to the Student Government association due to my past experience, creativity, a good sense of humor, commitment and confidence."
  • Kevin Maloon is also running for senator for Class of 2022.
  • Maria Montes - "I am fit to take on a leadership role like this because I always look for opportunities to step up and contribute to something that is greater than my own personal gain."
  • Fariha Pia - ""I'm hoping to be a part of the council so I can be active on the Kean campus. I love helping out and being a part of something good."
  • Brianna Roberson - "I am applying for this position so I can have a voice in what goes on and also because being a part of school decisions has always been something I did."
  • Candie Rodriguez - "Overall, I am someone who is willing to work hard with others for common goals that are greater than my own personal benefit."

Freshman class should take the initiative and vote for the new leaders that will provide insight for all their peers.

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