Autumn Falls Onto Kean's Campus

Check out the transition from summer to fall in various locations and events around campus

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Autumn Falls Onto Kean's Campus

Kean's campus in Union, NJ experiences changes through both the environment and the various activities planned throughout the fall semester.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

With the coming of fall brings the coming of a period of transition for both students and the environment on college campuses across the nation.

Kean University, in terms of the campus community, aesthetic and student body as a whole, is no exception to this phenomenon, as a slew of changes occurs when summer shifts to autumn.

Firstly, it is not hard to notice the changes to the natural environment here on Kean's campus. The extreme diversity of plant and animal life seems to be at its peak in the months between late August and mid-November, as a plethora of vibrant colors paint the campus various shades of yellow, orange and brown.


Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and foxes are frequent visitors at this time of year, making appearances 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at any given location on campus — especially when you least expect it!

Autumnal feeling is not limited to simply one's surroundings, as the coming of a new season brings a whole new look in terms of events happening around campus as well.

Firstly, the feeling comes in mid-October with the arrival of Homecoming. 

Homecoming weekend annually brings a seemingly endless amount of events to campus in the autumn, typically held at some point in October. 

Encompassing multiple events including a concert, various sport games including a homecoming football game, carnival-inspired set-ups, food and more, homecoming weekend looked to bring together both students and their families and friends alike. 

Homecoming volunteers (6).JPG

Alongside homecoming, Kean's fall athletic programs also ensued their seasons. Said sports include football, men's and women's soccer, women's volleyball, women's tennis and field hockey. 

The women's volleyball team just recently secured their back-to-back NJAC Conference Championship, defeating Montclair State University and securing a bid in the 2018 NCAA Division III Women's Volleyball Tournament. 


The Cougars opened the first round facing the of Cardinals of Wesleyan University at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island on Friday, Nov. 9 at 12:30 p.m.

Adding to the excitement, as the fall progresses, the athletic seasons begin to shift into the winter category, with winter sports teams each beginning their individual campaigns. 

Winter sports beginning in November include both men's and women's basketball and women's swimming.

For information regarding all-things Kean athletics, including schedules, standings, photos and more, visit the Kean University athletics webpage.

Besides athletics, there are ample options for students looking to get more involved on campus.

Job and internship fairs, self-wellness seminars, events on studying abroad, Greek Life events, club meetings and informationals, volunteer and community service opportunities and much more are all in store for those that seek involvement.

Each of these events are to be found on Cougar Link, where one may select specific search criteria to find any club, organization or event that they're looking for. 

Also, most of the clubs and organizations on campus have social media outlets in case one is curious or in need of additional information.

breast cancer walk

Students showing Kean pride at the breast cancer walk. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with several fundraisers, bake sales (including one for each department of the Center for Leadership and Service), awareness events and more were held to raise funds for further research.

Referring back to the aforementioned natural transition on campus, there are several nooks and crannies to explore for autumnal serenity throughout the entirety of Kean University's Union Campus.


Pictured above is the quiet and seldom-used area behind the Miron Student Center (MSC), which features benches, tables, a lawn to sit and a beautiful sculpture.

With a little bit of exploration, one may stumble upon several other similar areas embedded into Kean's campus.

The combination of autumnal feeling and buzz of events occurring on campus this fall will surely draw students from all walks of life to get involved.

Kean offers several outlets for students to get involved in the fall without interrupting the busy schedules that many students often have. 

Opportunities that stretch far and wide are available to all interested at Kean University in during the fall semester. Get more involved today!

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