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The Exercise Science Club serves as an outlet for students interested in health and fitness

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Exercise the Mind

The Exercise Science Club has the mission to spread knowledge and awareness for the Kean community.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

At Kean University students are able to develop academically, physically and mentally. On a campus like Kean there are many opportunities for students to become involved in the various clubs and organizations offered. 

For students who are interested in the health and fitness field, a recreational organization like the Exercise Science Club is the way to go. The Exercise Science Club aims to provide multiple possibilities to network with professionals and other students in order to build the necessary knowledge students in that field. 

With fitness and health being an up-and-coming movement, there are many trends that are being implemented through social media and other health platforms. The Exercise Science Club hopes to update their members on the newest trends in order to connect them with the fitness world. 

This club seeks to be an outlet that can be used to spread awareness about current health and fitness topics that can be beneficial for the members. 

President Alexandra Brito, Vice President Joe Sigona, Secretary Julia Heller, Treasurer Matthew Thompson and Director of Public Relations Emmi Rastelli are five officials who share knowledge with their members about the fitness industry.

As seniors studying exercise science, it was only a matter of time before Brito and Heller heard about the opportunity of creating a club that could be beneficial for the Kean community. 

"Julia and myself were actually sitting in our introduction class and our professor mentioned it [to us], explaining that exercise science was new on campus. It just got approved at the end of last semester so he was saying that as we get a new major, a club should be started as well," said Brito.

Brito notes that her major has prepared her to take initiative over her club as president.

"[In regard to my major] I have honestly learned business skills and how to take initiative over a club through my presidential duties,' said Brito.

Moreover, Heller acknowledges that there are business components to this field that her classes and duties as secretary have prepared her for.

"As Lexi said, business wise we are taking our knowledge from our classes and applying it to the club, to see what we can do around campus," said Heller. 

One word used to describe the education students would obtain from this club was "well-rounded", according to Thompson. 

"I feel like students can get more of a well-rounded education when it comes to the physical fitness, as well as nutritional aspects. [With that being said,] it is good to have a more well-rounded knowledge of everything that has to do with exercise science," said Thompson.

Sigona understands that not everyone is willing to be helped, but wants potential members to know that exercise can be a good and easy habit if started and continued progressively. 

"We have a mission to share our experiences with other people by acknowledging that fitness is a big way of living, while reminding others to continue practicing it," said Sigona. "[Also] we aim to help people with their everyday struggles, including mental awareness because everyone goes through issues like that. We’re those kind of people that you should feel comfortable around because we’re not all by the book. We are students after all that want to help others."

In regard to the facilitation of their meetings, the exercise science club meets every other Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m in the D’Angola Gym Room 163. 

With the awareness of being a non-funded group, the exercise science club has many ideas on how to raise money and awareness for the major. 

"There was one idea we were starting to lean toward which was with a corn-hole, as we learned that this school has two sets of corn-holes. We are trying to see if we can start a tournament and fund-raise for the club," said Thompson. 

Thompson also brought up the option of donating the proceeds to an organization of their choice to spread awareness. 

"If we want to host events, most of our efforts to supply the funds for it would be fundraising events throughout campus," said Brito. "[In addition], we ask that our members give us a due that would be $20 at most."

Sigona adds that co-sponsoring events with other clubs like the athletic training club could assist both organizations in providing similar values to the Kean community.

"We have plans to co-sponsor an event with the athletic training club because we share a lot of the same missions," said Sigona. "We are actually here to promote the wellness of others and spread awareness. I feel like the information we have can produce benefits for others. I feel like most people don’t understand the benefits of being physically active and that is what we want to push."

It is important to note that this club is looking to implement new ideas from other vents to aid others. They are open to reaching out to professionals and other organizations to bring new tools to their members and Kean. 

For any students fascinated in joining the exercise science club or learning more about living a successful, healthy lifestyle, visit their page on Cougar Link or email exscclub@kean.edu.

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