From Tutor to Leader: Michelle Saavedra

The president for the Tutors Club is an influential factor for success

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From Tutor to Leader: Michelle Saavedra

Michelle Saavedra, president of Tutors Club, is also involved in other organizations at Kean to better herself and her career.        

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kean University is an institution that allows students to become leaders and to provide help to their fellow peers as well. One of the clubs that does exactly that is the Tutors Club of which Michelle Saavedra is the president. Michelle Saavedra, a senior studying cell and molecular biology is adamant about providing resources for students who want to succeed academically. 

The Tutors Club has a mission to develop connections between students, academic specialists, faculty members and administrators in order to build professional development. 

As president, Saavedra aims to facilitate that mission by assuring that her executive board members are supplying their students with a comfortable environment while also implementing studying tips and tricks.

In addition, the Tutors Club wants to reach out to the student body and reinforce their studying skills, while also giving advice on how to tackle difficult courses.

"In our general body meetings, we discuss various academic and non-academic areas. The way the executive board and I have implemented our goal is by holding general body meetings and discussing various topics," said Saavedra. 

Moreover, Saavedra leads all of the activities within the Tutors Club, by conducting all of the general body meetings and events. 

"[I] provide any necessary help to the other executive board members," said Saavedra.

Like many of the other student leaders on campus, Saavedra heard of this opportunity through her skills while aspiring to be a part of something meaningful. Saavedra understands that in order to implement the mission of her club to a broader audience, she has to discover ways appeal to them and their needs.

Saavedra also spoke of the importance of each of the events to promote both academic and professional support, which she mentioned their Career Workshop. 

The Career Workshop that they are hosting takes place Thursday, Nov. 28 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. This event will allow Saavedra and her executive board members to supply their students with assistance outside of the classroom and into the real world. 

"[We have provided events like] how to prepare for exams, how to manage stress and we have recently had a Halloween cupcake decorating event, to de-stress from midterms," said Saavedra.

As president, Saavedra's main goal is to leave the Tutors Club in a positive state.

"Since this is the [club's] first semester active, the executive board and I have been working hard to recruit students and make an environment where students can feel comfortable and ask for help in their courses," said Saavedra. 

While Saavedra leads the Tutors Club, she is also vice president of the TriBeta National Biological Honor Society and director of public relations for the Biology Club. Thus, balance and time-management help improve both her studies and extracurricular activities.

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"My communication and organization skills have been reinforced while running my various roles in those clubs. While I tend to pursue a career in the dental field, it is crucial to have great communication skills and prioritize time," said Saavedra. 

All in all, Saavedra hopes the Tutors Club can expand through collaborations with various academic clubs on campus.

"The executive board and I want to empower our fellow classmates to challenge their limits academically and personally!" 

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