Midterm Reports Explained

Midterm grades are now available for students to view on KeanWISE

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Midterm Reports Explained

Students can view their midterm reports by clicking on the "Students" tab in KeanWISE and locating the "Midterm Grades" link under the "Academic Profile" section.

Zoe Strozewski, Staff Writer

As students begin to recover from the stress and strain of midterm exams and projects, they can now begin to view their posted midterm reports. Teachers were required to submit these reports between Oct. 1-8, and they became available for students to view Oct. 8.

These midterm reports do not remain on a student’s permanent record or factor into one’s GPA. They also are not weighted in a student’s final grade or serve as the final word on what a student will receive since a final grade is earned throughout the entirety of the semester. The purpose of these reports is to give students an idea of their progress in various classes and what grade they are currently on track to receive so that they can either change or maintain their efforts.

To view the midterm reports, students should log into their accounts on KeanWISE and click on the “Students” tab in the menu. From there, they should locate the “Midterm Grades” link from the “Academic Profile” section and select the current semester from the drop-down menu.

What will be reported in these midterm grades can depend on the professor or the preferences of the specific school they’re teaching under. Professors may simply report either Pass (P), Satisfactory Academic Progress (S), or Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (U). Or, they might report a specific letter grade for the student, such as A, A-, B+, B, B- and so forth.

A professor may also leave a comment for a student on top of a grade, or let it stand by itself as the whole report. This comment might cover a variety of topics, including a notification of multiple absences, a request to meet with the professor, a recommendation to seek tutoring or visit the writing center, a commendation on exceptional progress, a notice of low test or quiz scores or a warning for being late to class.

While the midterm reports aim to give students early feedback on their work in a class, they also are crucial in notifying students who are at risk of failing. These reports are given early enough in the semester that students will usually still have time to turn their grade around with the necessary efforts.

It is recommended that students struggling in a class speak to their professor about the tutoring services available for their subject or how to make up for any absences or tardies they may have. 

These students may also consider withdrawing from the course altogether if they believe they are unable to elevate their grade before the end of the semester. The last day to drop a full-term course in the fall 2018 semester with no refund and a mark of “W" is Nov. 14.

Additionally, all midterm grade reports are shared with the academic advisers, as well as Student Success and Retention, a Kean office in Center for Academic Success (CAS) Room 123 dedicated to helping students meet their academic goals and aiding those who are not upholding standards in the classroom or are at risk of failing. Any students in need of help or guidance are recommended to reach out to either or both of these resources.

Evidently, these midterm grades are a critical component in keeping students informed through every step of their education in order to take the steps they need to advance in their academics.

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