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The Official Graduation Guide
Graduation Deadlines are fast approaching. Have you applied yet?
Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Graduation is a memorable and happy time for all, but it can cause stress if not done properly.

The Office of the Registrar seeks to provide ease throughout the graduation process. If one has completed 78 credits or more toward their degree requirements, it is advised to review the following in order to properly prepare for graduation: 

  • Review the policies and procedures on the graduation information found on the Office of the Registrar webpage. Here students will learn the instructions and deadlines for applying, as well as have the most common questions regarding the process and timeline answered. 
  • Students should meet with their academic advisers or program coordinators regularly to ensure they remain on track. Advisement sessions allow students to check that all substitutions, transfer credits and extensions have been recorded with the Office of the Registrar, and to make sure all program information is correct (for example: all majors and minors are on file).

Once the adviser has cleared the student, the student should then move forward in the application process. Students should follow the steps below to be on their way to being considered for degree conferral.  

  • Log in to KeanWISE.
  • Go to the academic profile section and select "Apply for Graduation"
  • Complete the application and pay the $100 fee online

Robyn Roebuck, assistant associate director of student support services for the Office of Registrar, has seen positive outcomes in regard to the completion of a graduation application.

"This new process allows students to complete the application without having to set foot on campus. Applicants no longer need to visit our office to hand in their application, nor do they need to visit Student Accounting to remit payment. Accessibility and efficiency were key motivating factors for going online with this process and those who have already reaped those benefits," said Roebuck.

As per advisement, Roebuck emphasizes the importance of making appointments and following through within the registration process.

"Advisement is mandatory for all students throughout their academic careers and remains critical through graduation," Roebuck said. "Academic advisers are able to lend insight not just on course registration, but can also guide students and potential graduation candidates on decisions extending beyond graduation. Students should make appointments well in advance of registration, and when they plan to submit their applications for graduation to ensure they remain on track to complete their degree requirements in a timely fashion."

Roebuck notes that students and advisers discuss a plethora of essential information during registration meetings, which allows for a successful session.

"Our office would advise that if any transfer credits, substitutions, or waivers are agreed upon or changed during an advisement session, that they be documented with our office immediately. Advisers will be able to assist in doing so," said Roebuck.

Roebuck stands by one motto: preparation is key, she advises that a smooth year and graduation process can be achieved by being on time and prepared. 

"Students can ensure that everything goes smoothly with the review of their graduation application by ensuring that all degree requirements are properly reflected as completed (or properly listed as in progress) on their program evaluations and degree audits," said Roebuck. "Students do not need to wait to submit an application for graduation to submit such requests. The earlier the Office of the Registrar learns of such changes, the sooner they can be reflected on a student’s record. Students should be sure to adhere to all published deadlines to ensure their application is reviewed in a timely manner. Submission for early evaluation for undergraduate students is especially encouraged so that students may adjust their plans if necessary."

Students should remember that advisement and the early submission of applications for graduation is key to success in the semester(s) leading up to graduation. 

For any questions or concerns about graduation, especially for those who are graduating in Winter 2019, email or call (908) 73-REGME for more information.

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