Dates to Know for Semester's End

A review of all the dates to know as the semester comes to a close

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Dates to Know for Semester's End

 There are several important dates to be wary of as exam week and the end of the term approaches.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Being the busiest part of the semester, it is very easy to lose track of time and important dates leading up to exam week. Fortunately, Kean University makes it clear and concise for students looking to find the information necessary about dates of significance regarding the academic calendar.

Firstly, students should be aware that Wednesday, Dec. 12 will follow a Friday class schedule. Wednesday classes will not meet.

In turn, Friday, Dec. 14 is Reading Day. The first of its kind at Kean University, Reading Day provides a day of no classes to help students better prepare for the upcoming packed week of finals. Students are encouraged to use Reading Day as a day dedicated to studying, and the university will remain open to allow students to use its facilities.

Beginning the next day, Saturday, Dec. 15 will begin finals (or exam) week. Exam week runs from the Dec. 15 to Friday, Dec. 21.

Classes will meet as regularly scheduled; however, it is recommended that one checks with their professor or syllabus to make sure of any potential changes for their specific course(s).

A simplified version of the schedule is below:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 12: Classes follow a Friday schedule.
  • Friday, Dec. 14: Reading Day; classes will not meet.
  • Saturday, Dec. 15: Exam week begins.
  • Friday, Dec. 21: Exam week ends; term ends.

For additional scheduling information regarding the past semester, winter session and spring semester, one can visit the official Kean University academic calendar here.

Good luck to all on their finals!

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