Calling All to Meet The Greeks!

On Jan. 31, Come to Harwood Arena to see what Kean Greeks are all about

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Calling All to Meet The Greeks!
Meet the Greeks will be hosted on Thursday, Jan. 31 from 5 to 10 p.m. to raise money for the Children's Specialized Hospital, while bringing the mission of Greek Life to life.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

Every semester, the Greeks of Kean University all come together in Harwood Arena for Meet The Greeks, one of the most popular events that is held on campus. This semester, it will take place Jan. 31 from 5 to 10 p.m. Whether one is interested in joining Greek life or not, this is always sure to be a fun event for students, alumni and faculty alike as the Greek Senate work extremely hard throughout the year to plan this event for everyone to enjoy.

Although this event is free for all Kean Students, alumni will be charged $5 at the door, so one has nothing to lose at this event! Meet the Greeks is intended to show the community the Greek Organizations at Kean, since there are 30 in total and they are extremely involved on campus. While the event is free, all of the proceeds are going toward Kean Dance Marathon which benefits the Children's Specialized Hospital. Last year, the Greek Senate raised over $53,000 and are only aiming to raise more this year. 

Sigma Beta Chi

The sisters of Sigma Beta Chi showing off their themed table!

When one walks into Harwood Arena Jan. 31, they will see tables from each organization adorned with decorations that represent their letters. Additionally, many organizations get creative with themes, which will be displayed at their tables. 

Victor Benlice, brother of Sigma Theta Chi and President of the Greek Senate, said, "I'm really excited because we're revamping the whole idea."

Attendees are encouraged to visit and talk to the Greeks at each table and organization to learn what they are about and what they stand for. This semester, the Greek Senate has perfected a scavenger hunt that one can participate in once they get to the event. This hunt will include questions pertaining to the different organizations so that one can master the missions of all the sororities and fraternities on campus. 

Meet The Greek Stage

Every organization has the opportunity to get on stage and show the Kean community what they are all about.

In addition, there will be a DJ emceeing the event to keep everyone excited throughout the night. There will be performances and speeches from not only the Greek Senate, but also from the different organizations. Some will present their strolls, while others will speak about their sorority or fraternity to show and tell the attendees what their organization stands for.

While some students are excited to learn more about Greek life, others do not know what it is about. At Meet The Greeks, everyone will have the opportunity to become educated on the sororities and fraternities here at Kean. Then, students can decide if Greek life is for them. 

Nu Sigma Phi

Meet The Greeks is not just tabling, there are activities throughout the event to keep all the guests entertained.

Roshorn Shivers, vice president of Multicultural Affairs & Community Service for Greek Senate, said, "Being a first-generation Greek, everything was new to me. It was kind of like I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Now, two and a half years into Greek life, it has helped me improve my leadership skills, give me more of a voice and has given me more of a chance to get involved on campus." 

Many people may have assumptions about Greek life, but this event will help show the community how Kean Greeks stand out. 

Vice President of Programming for Greek Senate Gabriella Lapointe said, "I hope that students give the event a chance. If you are interested in joining Greek life, go around to each table and see what all the different organizations have to offer and keep an open mind. Sometimes you find the greatest things when you aren't even looking."

When visiting the different tables of the organizations, one may be apprehensive or nervous. 

When asked what advice he would give to students approaching the tables, Benlice said, "Have one-on-ones with the members in those organizations; that way you can see [closely] if they uphold the values and character that their organizations stand by."

Meet the Greeks - Greek Senate Executive Board

The Greek Senate executive board welcoming the crowd to last semester's Meet The Greeks.

He continued saying that students be open-minded and that they should look for people who display characteristics that attract them, characteristics that they would like to emulate.

Kean Greeks are all about Greek unity and making the most of their experience here at Kean. If one is interested in doing the same or is just looking to have a good time, be sure to attend this semester's Meet The Greeks!

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