Starting Off on the Right Foot

Hundreds of students flooded the MSC Atrium for Cougar Kickoff

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Starting Off on the Right Foot

Cougar Kickoff doubled as a warm welcome and smooth transition into the new semester. 

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

Kean University students and faculty were ready to start the 2019 academic year on the right foot, as various activities took place on campus.

The spring semester has officially arrived at Kean University, and to adorn the occasion, Kean hosted Cougar Kickoff in the Miron Student Center (MSC) Atrium Jan. 22 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Hundreds of students flowed in during college hour for the event hosted by Kean's Programs for a Unique and Lively Student Experience, also known as PULSE.

Designed to help ease the transition back to school, Kean University offered a plethora of services and ways to pass the time while getting involved and garnering some new items for the dorm or home alike.

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Hundreds of students filed into the MSC Atrium on January 22 for Cougar Kickoff. 

There were several activities in store at Cougar Kickoff, including a free grocery station, information stations, carnival-style games, opportunities to win prizes, raffles, photo-taking opportunities and much more. 

Prizes included food, various Kean apparel including seasonal gear, coupons and vouchers for places on and around campus with several additional options.

There was even a money-catching machine with various rewards calculated upon how much money one could obtain within thirty seconds.

Rewards for earning the most cash included The North Face and Herschel bags, Kean winter apparel, dorm goodies, school goods and other student-friendly items.

Directly next to the cash booth was an opportunity to greet and take photos with the Kean Cougar! There were multiple photographers and individuals taking photos with their phones, allowing students to display how Cougars climb higher with "#CougarsClimbHigher".

Additionally, Kean University used Cougar Kickoff in part to unveil its new spirit logo and the aforementioned hashtag. New t-shirts adorning both the logo and hashtag were given out to any students who desired one.

To help promote positivity for the new semester, students were offered an opportunity (in exchange for a fashionable mug) to write positive or motivational slogans on a blank black canvas. Within minutes the canvas was spotted with several phrases and statements of encouragement and calls to action for others.

Alongside the chance to get a quality beverage holder, students also received recyclable "rise & grind" grocery bags, courtesy of PULSE as well.


Students received recyclable "rise & grind" grocery bags, courtesy of PULSE.

Cougar Kickoff saw students embrace the changing movement of Kean while interacting with several of their colleagues in the campus community. Kean University hopes to foster an environment geared toward its students being able to "climb higher", by giving students opportunities to make the transition back to campus more seamless.

Cougar Kickoff proved that this is bound to be a highly successful semester for all involved at Kean University. Good luck to all in 2019!

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