Ways To Be Healthy at Kean

Student Health Services provides various tools to benefit students' welfare

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Ways To Be Healthy at Kean

Student Health Services aims to create a comfortable environment to encourage healthy living to students. 

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

At Kean University, students can be assured that their health will be taken seriously, due to various tools that Student Health Services (SHS) provides. Student Health Services is located in Downs Hall, Room 126 where individuals can make appointments prior to their visit.

The staff consists of Director Robin Mansfield, MSN and APN; Family Nurse Practitioner Kristine Sparks, DNP and APN; Family Nurse Practitioner Carolyn Smith, MSN and FNP; Joseph Anton, MD; Jacquelyn Leung, MD; Adult Nurse Practitioner Marci Blaszka, MSN and APN; Professional Services Specialist Alice Colalillo, BA and new Associate Director Joseph Henson. As a result of this well-equipped team, the department is able to assist students for all of their needs.


Director, Robin Mansfield

For students in need of assistance, here are the following services issued:

Primary Care: Students can make appointments for issues that deal with general health concerns such as the common cold, flu, cough, sore throat, urinary tract infection, pregnancy test, strep throat, abdominal pain, injuries, rashes and allergies.

Gynecology: For the female population at Kean, gynecology services can be used for routine breast and pelvic exams, pap tests, STI and HIV testing, GYN complaints or problems and birth control.

Tip: Students should bring their insurance card to the appointment in case of lab testing.

STI Testing: Students in need of testing can talk with a provider about the proper tests to administer and also request a free HIV test. Moreover, students should bring their insurance card and relay any testing concerns with the provider.

Tip: Refrain from using the bathroom two hours prior to the appointment as urine samples are used for testing.

Tip: When scheduling an appointment select STI screening in Pyramed.

HIV Testing: In regard to HIV testing, the department offers free and confidential tests. Students should note that testing is done with a rapid test kit, where a small drop of blood is used for results within 20 minutes.

Tip: Student Health Services now offers PrEP, which is a once a day pill that can prevent HIV for high risk individuals. Ask the providers if it is right for you.

LGBTQ Services: Individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ community can rest assured knowing that SHS is understanding and knowledgeable about their medical issues. Students can receive screening, literature, treatment or referrals to specialists. SHS's mission is to offer a comfortable environment that encourages students to seek medical care.

Nutrition Appointments: Facilitated by Certified Nutritionists and Wellness Counselors, Dr. Leung and Robin Mansfield, one-on-one counseling is offered for students seeking a healthier lifestyle. Information regarding nutrition and exercise are provided for students who make appointments.

Tip: Gourmet dining has a Registered Dietitian, Jennifer Bostedo, available to meet with students one-on-one or in groups. For more information regarding the dietitian, go to Kean Dining.

Physicals for Academic Purposes: This service is for those in need of medical clearance for academic programs like program requirements, internships, studying abroad, the Kean childcare center and volunteering. It is important to use this service because most programs require students to sign forms for their provider.

Lactation Rooms on Campus: The University now offers lactation rooms for nursing mothers, which are located near restrooms that are secure and private. To find out how to access these rooms, contact Student Health Services.  

Medical Absences: There are two types of medical absences: medical leave of absence and short-term absence due to medical reasons.

  • Medical leave of absence: A student who will be absent for two or more weeks is suggested to withdraw from the current semester.

Tip: The deadline to submit the request with documentation is two weeks prior to the end of the semester. Students can learn more about this process in the student health portal.

  • Short-term absence due to medical reasons: A student will be absent for five consecutive days or more due to medical reasons.

Mansfield and her colleagues at the SHS also provide various presentations about their services during new student orientation and other events. 

"We have brochures that list all of our services and we take part in wellness activities on campus, such as the upcoming Wear Red for Women's Heart Month," said Mansfield. "Students have access to free health care on-campus from certified nurse practitioners and physicians.  All of our services are free and any treatments or medications we offer are also free.  Labs that need to be sent out do have a fee, which are mostly covered by insurance.  If students do not have insurance we help them find the lowest cost options."

As mentioned previously the SHS will be participating in Wear Red for Women's Heart Month in February, where nurse practitioners Sparks and Smith will be doing blood pressure screenings.

"We also have three get yourself tested days coming up on Feb. 13, March 19 and April 24.  These are days that are set aside for walk-in HIV and STI testing. We also have PrEP counselors available to counsel student on PrEP for HIV prevention," Mansfield said.  

Students can also contact this department through its website, call (908) 737-4880 or rmansfie@kean.edu for more information. 

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