The New Voice for Kean Greeks

The new Greek Senate Executive Board was recently elected for the upcoming school year

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The New Voice for Kean Greeks

Kean University has a large Greek community, where the Greek senate come together for the interest of Greek life and others.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Greek Senate at Kean University is an accumulation of students from various Greek Organizations on campus who come together to be the voice for all of the Greeks at Kean. They have meetings, plan programmings and fundraisers, while aiding the sororities and fraternities toward success. 

Ultimately, they are role models and mentors to not only those in the Greek community, but to every students on campus. They are involved and dedicated to upholding their positions. Recently, elections were held to elect the new Greek Senate representatives for the following school year. 

The Greek Senate's purpose is to encourage and aid students to uphold the ideals of scholarship, leadership, campus involvement and brotherhood or sisterhood. The Greek Senate also prides itself on assisting students in their personal development to ensure that they are being the best versions of themselves. The new representatives on the Greek Senate are responsible for not only showing these traits in themselves, but helping other students do the same. 

Greek Senate Representatives

Pictured is the newly elected Roshorn Shivers, Vice President of Rush and Membership Development, Emely Hernandez, Vice President of Programming, and Jeremey Volin, Secretary.

Eight members compose the Greek Senate, each having to be from a different Greek Organization. To get voted onto the Senate, one must first be nominated for the position. At the Greek Senate meetings, representatives from each organization are present, therefore each organization has one vote to cast for each position, ensuring that everyone has input. 

A list of the newly elected Senate, their positions and duties are as follows:

  • President Gabriella Lapointe, sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. This is the lead role in the executive board and they are in charge of overseeing the rest of the Senate.
  • Vice President of Programming: Emely Hernandez, sister of Lambda Theta Alpha. This role is responsible for the programming that the Senate holds, including events for Kean Dance Marathon, career building and more.
  • Vice President of Rush and Membership Development: Roshorn Shivers, brother of Lambda Delta Chi. They are in charge of new member intake, and the biggest recruitment event of the semester, Meet the Greeks.
  • Vice President of Multicultural Affairs and Community Service: Tiffany Osoria, sister of Omega Sigma Psi. This role is dedicated to all of the service opportunities that are offered through the Senate.
  • Vice President of Standards and Conduct: Isaac Taylor, brother of Phi Beta Sigma. This position is responsible for helping resolve any issues that arise within Greek life.
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Erika Ambrose, sister of Sigma Gamma Rho. This role runs the social media accounts and makes Greeks look good to the community.
  • Secretary: Jeremy Volin, brother Gamma Psi Epsilon. This role is responsible for keeping everyone organized, going through agendas and preparing for meetings.
  • Treasurer: Michelle Gitlin, sister of Nu Theta Chi. This role offers many fundraising ideas and is responsible for money. 

The Greek community at Kean prides itself on Greek Unity, meaning that all of the organizations collaborate for the same fundraising efforts, help each other in times of need and overall respect each other. The Greek Senate is a prime example of Greek Unity as it has members from different organizations coming together to strive toward the same goals.

Lapointe said, "I think working [not only] for your organization but working for the community as a whole together with organizations is a big thing at Kean.”

She continued, “I’m really excited to be able to be the voice for all the Greeks at Kean. I’m proud that they nominated me and that I was elected, and I feel like that means they have faith in me, which I hope they do! But I’m really excited!”

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