Eat Your Heart Out

Students ate and interacted at the Sweetheart Brunch

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Eat Your Heart Out

The Sweetheart Brunch fed students brunch and allowed them to participate in a variety of Valentine's Day themed games.

Zoe Strozewski, Staff Writer

The Student Organization Class of 2019 hosted its first ever Sweetheart Brunch in the Miron Student Center's Cougar’s Den Feb. 8. This free event gave students the chance to enjoy a brunch while socializing and participating in Valentine’s Day-themed activities.

According to Khamayah McClain, the president of the Student Organization Class of 2019, the inspiration behind organizing this brunch, apart from celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day, was to inspire students to interact more.

“I just wanted to create a social event because normally we just have formal at the end of the year, and I wanted to bring people together and help them get to know each other through the progression of the year,” McClain said.

Additionally, McClain also believes that events such as these aid in stress management and give students the opportunity to unwind from the pressure of their schedules.

“We’re always working hard at school, and I feel like it’s good to let students relax,” McClain said.

Decorated with red roses and heart streamers, The Cougar’s Den served an assortment of breakfast foods and desserts, such as cinnamon rolls, muffins, bacon, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

Some of the games students could play included a “Guess that Song” challenge, blindfolded candy eating and “People Bingo,” where participants had to talk to other people at the event in order to win. Additionally, there was a photo booth and an arts and crafts table where attendees were given the chance to create cards which would later be given to children with autism.

Freshman Amanda Morales-Lopez said that she decided to attend the event because connecting with other students provides more of a challenge since she does not live in the residences.

“I wanted to be more involved on campus. Because I’m a commuter, this is how I meet other students,” Morales-Lopez said.

Furthermore, she felt a connection to the opportunity to brighten the day of a child with autism, since the cause has touched her life personally.

“I have a brother with autism, so I found it really nice that there’s an opportunity for that,” Morales-Lopez said.

The Sweetheart Brunch was only one of a series of events the Student Organization Class of 2019 will be hosting. Others include the Attraction Theory event Feb. 20, where attendees can listen to a lecture by Martha Salama about adult relationships, as well as multiple dates to order senior class rings and obtain senior portraits.

To find more information on Kean’s Student Organization or view their upcoming events, make sure to visit the group’s page on Cougar Link.

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Zoe Strozewski, Staff Writer 

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