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Recognizing the new student groups that have made their way onto campus

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New Semester, New Groups

Chance at Performing is one of many new student groups that have a mission to build and support the Kean community.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

As an institution that encourages student involvement, Kean University houses over 160 clubs and organizations that allow students to express their interests and missions on campus. Through the Involvement Center located in the Miron Student Center (MSC), Room 303 students are aided in the process of becoming a recognized group.

In order to become recognized as a student group, one must utilize the various resources available on the Student Group Recognition webpage. With that being said, five student groups have been created and added to Cougar Link as of spring 2019. 

  1. Chance At Performing: Chance At Performing (CAP) has a mission to teach and build the aspirations of students who want to perform in their future endeavors. Through its teaching system, this organization seeks to help each other apply what they have learned to an audience of people. This organization encourages everyone to practice their performance skills, while teaching others what they have learned. Students can look forward to different branches of performance such as piano, percussion, guitar, singing and other artistic mediums. For students interested in joining this organization, visit Chance At Performing on Cougar Link.
  2. Kean Got Talent: This organization acknowledges the talent of the Kean community, through welcoming all majors and levels of performing to join their club. Individuals interested in singing, dancing, acting, instrumentals and other performing platforms can rest assured, knowing that they will develop their skills in this club. Students interested in structuring their potential should visit Kean Got Talent's Cougar Link page.
  3. United Nations Association at Kean University: As a membership organization, the United Nations Association at Kean University (UNA-USA) is devoted to informing, inspiring and rallying the Kean community to support the ideal and mission of the United Nations. This organization houses many chapters ranging from youth, engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs and public events. With a diverse university like Kean, this organization seeks to fulfill the duties of bringing awareness on campus. Students can join UNA-USA on their Cougar Link page, while visiting their national website for more initiatives.
  4. Hallyu Club: "Hallyu" translates to "Korean Wave," which refers to South Korea's popularity in pop culture, entertainment, music, television and movies. Furthermore, its purpose at Kean is to spread knowledge and love for Korean pop culture, while bringing people together. In the meetings, students will have the opportunity to learn and perform Korean songs and dances during the semester. Students interested in the Korean culture can visit Hallyu Club on Cougar Link. 
  5. The National Society of Leadership and Success: Leading as the nation's largest leadership honor society, this organization selects students through college-based means like college academic standing or leadership potential. Moreover, Kean is one out of 651 chapters that provides step-by-step programs for leadership skills on campuses worldwide. Upon completion of the program, students receive their leadership certificate and leave with a beneficial lifetime membership. Students interested in learning more about this program and its mission can visit the NSLS page on Cougar Link and its national website
  6. Kean University Afro-Latinx Dance Project: This club is an inclusive, dance group that welcomes all level at Kean University. Each class will have different styles of dance that are diverse and emphasize the Afro, Afro-Latin and Latin genres around the world. Although they are fairly new, students can visit the KU Afro-Latinx Dance Project Cougar Link page for more information.
  7. Economic's Club: This club hopes to be a home for students studying economics or those wishing to grasp the knowledge of this study. Economics ranges from production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, which can help students in their future careers. Students interested in joining the Economic's Club can visit their Cougar Link page for more information.
  8. Interior Design Student Organization (IDSO): This organization has a mission to inform and express the significance of interior design, by providing students with opportunities to learn the design process. Aside from learning, interested students have the option to experience the methods, while gaining a deeper understanding of the profession. IDSO implements events and service projects for interior design that will benefit the students. Students willing to grow in an accessible and sustainable environment should look into IDSO on their Cougar Link page. 

Coordinator for Student Involvement Jonathan Lopez said, "It’s important for students interested in starting a student group to understand that you are creating a small organization. This means that it’s not only important, but necessary to create a constitution or by-laws that govern the organization, as well as create a mission that will drive the group's purpose and activities."

All in all, welcome the new student groups and look into them if interested!

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