An Introduction to Hynes Hall

Introducing the new College of Business and Public Management building

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An Introduction to Hynes Hall

Hynes Hall is set to open in September 2020 for students interested in CBPM programs.

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

As an exceptional institution, Kean University is always looking for ways to implement new opportunities for students to excel. After an approval from the Board of Trustees, a contract for the College of Business and Public Management building was created for students interested in those studies. 

In his welcoming address, President Dawood Farahi, Ph. D., introduced the initiative for this building.

"This magnificent building will be located across the street on the old Merck property, and it is expected to be open in September 2020," President Farahi said.

The College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) gives students the education and experience needed in order to succeed in the global economy. As previously mentioned, the building will be created on the former Merck company through the Natoli Construction Corporation of Pine Brook, hosting opportunities to prepare students for the modern business world. 

Undergraduate students have the following options: accounting, criminal justice, finance, global business, management, marketing and public administration. Graduate students can find programs under accounting, business administration, criminal justice and public administration. 

On the Kean website under CBPM, students are also aided in the following areas:

  • Choosing the best degree or programs that will benefit them under "Degrees and Programs"
  • The offerings of the Global Business School 
  • Information on the School of Management and Marketing, School of Criminal Justice and Public Administration and School of Accounting and Finance
  • Upcoming events or information on internships and cooperative education opportunities 
  • Development of students looking to build a small business with counseling and training

As per the CBPM building, construction began in 2018 with an expected opening in Fall 2020. The structure of the building is set to span over 90,000 square feet, where students can utilize intelligence software, classrooms, study lounges and high views of New York City. 

Students have alumni Jim and Carole Hynes to thank for the name of this building. The Hynes family are no strangers to the Kean community, as they have been generous with the stadium and field house as well. 

Back when Kean University was known as Newark State College, Jim Hynes credited the school for the education and tools he used to expand his career.

"I want to give back," Hynes said. "It’s that simple. I am so driven to pay back to a school that gave me a chance. I had a lot of confidence in my ability, and Newark State (now Kean University) gave me the opportunity to find myself, to identify myself and to know that I had what it takes to get into the business world." 

For further information about the progress and the background on the building, students can visit Kean's website for more updates.

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