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The Earth Science Club believes that simple, small changes can influence a greener community!

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Kean Thinks Green

ESC has many events to help preserve the environment, such as this River Clean-up.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

 Interested in trying to make the Kean community a greener place? The Earth Science Club (ESC) is dedicated to doing just that by educating students on the state of the environment and influencing others to help make a change. 

President Maura De Palma said, "The Earth Science Club is about promoting our love for the Earth and the environmental sciences, as well as sustainability approaches. We have various activities and events to promote how Kean students can be environmentally conscious through easy life choices."

De Palma continued, "Our organization stands for protecting the environment and helping Mother Earth. We believe that one small change can [jumpstart] a positive reaction."

ESC emphasizes that small changes in one's everyday life can make an impact on the environment as a whole. They raise awareness to the fact that being environmentally friendly and sustainable is not as hard as it may seem. One example of how they demonstrated this was at the Earth Day Fair, where they handed out canvas bags for students to decorate and reuse instead of wasteful paper and plastic bags. 

De Palma joined ESC when she was a freshman because she wanted to become more involved on campus. If one is passionate about nature and the state of the environment, joining ESC is a great opportunity to meet students with similar passions. 

ESC Gets Involved on Campus

The ESC is always active on campus, such as at this tabling event in the Miron Student Center.

Joining ESC is a great way to become educated on different aspects of earth science as well! Members will learn about different fields such as meteorology, geology, astronomy and more. This helps students expand their knowledge on the earth science industry if one is interested in getting a job after graduation. 

While this is a science-based club, it is open to students of any major as the members of ESC are extremely welcoming to new students and all of their ideas. Its meetings are held in the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success (CAS), Room 250 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. The next meeting will be March 28.  

Additionally, ESC has many upcoming events if one is interested. They are as follows:

  • Campus Cleanup with Nu Delta Pi on March 23
  • The Lorax Movie Viewing on April 15 in the Miron Student Center (MSC) Little Theatre
  • The Earth Day Fair Tabling on April 16 at the MSC Patio
  • The Raptor Trust on April 17 in MSC 226
  • The Elizabeth River Clean Up on April 18
  • Fossil Hunting on April 27 at Big Brook Park

If one is interested in learning more about ESC and their events, make sure to check out their Cougar Link page.

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