Let the Countdown Begin!

Seniors attended the Grad Fair where they counted down only 75 days left until graduation

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The countdown to Graduation has begun! Kean kicked it off with the 75 Days Until Graduation Celebration on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, in the Miron Student Center Atrium.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The countdown until the last day of the semester for seniors officially began March 6 at the Grad Fair. Seniors flooded into the Miron Student Center Atrium (MSC) to celebrate their achievements and their time spent at Kean. Additionally, there were many tables set up with useful resources for seniors as they complete the last days of their undergraduate years.

The MSC Atrium was lined with tables, each designated to a different office or resource to benefit and inform students. When attendees walked through the door, the Office of the Registrar was set up to answer any questions regarding students' credits for graduation. Students were able to tell the representative their name, who then looked up their transcript to reassure the students that they are on track to graduate this semester. Also, they were able to check and make sure that students applied for graduation, since one cannot walk at the commencement without applying.

To reach out to the Office of the Registrar, call (908) 73-REGME. For general inquiries, email regme@kean.edu. For graduation information, email stuserv@kean.edu or visit the first floor of the Administration Building.

Representatives from the Office of Graduate Admissions also tabled at this event. Students were able to ask questions relating to graduate applications. Additionally, the Office of Graduate Admissions answered questions regarding graduate events.

Grad Fair Tabling
The MSC was lined with tables regarding resources and information for seniors.

The Office of Financial Aid had representatives at the fair to answer questions regarding paying back student loans. Kean requires students to undergo entrance and exit counseling for all students that receive loans. The representative answered any questions students had regarding paying back loans and exit counseling.

For any questions regarding exit counseling or loans, reach out to the Office of Financial Aid by calling (908) 737-3190, emailing finaid@kean.edu or visiting the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success (CAS), Room 124.

Career Services had information for students relating to the services that they offer students. Their mission is to aid students in achieving professional success through resources such as help with resumes, mock interviews, career development workshops and more.

For more information on these services, call (908) 737-0320, email career@kean.edu or visit CAS, Room 201.

There was also tabling regarding the Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) through tabling from the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS). Representatives explained to students what the CCT is, which lists all of a student's clubs, activities and service hours that one completes at Kean. This transcript is vital because it shows employers that one is a well-rounded candidate, not just a good student. Also, CLS representatives stressed the importance of becoming involved on campus.

Jonathan Lopez, coordinator for Student Involvement, said, "Employers are no longer looking for just someone who has a degree and a 4.0 [GPA], they're trying to look for someone who brings something else to the table and the CCT is a great way to do that."

For more questions on the CCT or how to get involved at Kean, call (908) 737-5270 or email groups@kean.edu.

Other tables in the MSC Atrium included Kean Stage, which offered information regarding graduation and ticketing. Also, the Alumni Association, presented information about Kean alumni opportunities.

There were also fun activities for attendees to complete at the Grad Fair. The Student Organization for Kean University had a table with an activity to highlight the seniors' achievements throughout their time at Kean. Students were invited to decorate a piece of paper that posed the statement "At Kean I...", which showcased the student's hard work.

Grad Fair Accessories
Students had the opportunity to browse different graduation accessories, such as class rings, caps, gowns, stoles, tassels and more.

Students were also able to browse various accessories relating to graduation. For example, there was a table for students to order class rings, which is a great piece memorabilia for one's time at Kean. Also, there was a table for seniors to order their cap and gown if they have not done so already. Finally, Barnes and Noble, the official bookstore of Kean University, had a table adorned with various accessories for students to purchase, such as stoles, tassels and Kean t-shirts with the year 2019.

Senior Khamayah McClain said, "[Students got] a more in-person experience because some students still have questions, even with the flyer information, because some of them may have certain special cases. I feel like it's just good to be able to provide that to the student body, so this is really [beneficial] that Kean is making this accessible to everybody."

Good luck to all of the seniors in the final stages of completing their degree. Let the countdown continue!

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