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Making Waves at Kean Ocean

All Kean Ocean classes take place at the Gateway Building (GATE) of the Ocean County College campus.

Abigail Anne Rafael, Senior Editor

The Kean Ocean campus first opened in 2006, making history for Kean University and Ocean County College. The partnership is a joint effort on the behalf of Kean University and Ocean County College to help students from both north and south New Jersey achieve a higher education at a more manageable cost.  

The Kean Ocean campus is located in Toms River, NJ about an hour south from Kean University's main campus in Union, NJ. 

"Kean Ocean has offered students in the Monmouth and Ocean county areas the chance to stay local and complete their bachelor's degrees; as well as being one of the most cost effective degree completion programs NJ has to offer. This program offers a seamless transition from the associate degree at [Ocean County College] to the bachelor's degree at Kean University affording an opportunity for students to apply all of their credits towards their bachelor's degree," said Associate Director of Kean Ocean's Administrative Office Maureen Morlando- Byrne.

Kean Ocean offers a multitude of undergraduate associate degrees in the following programs:

  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Community Health Education
  • Elementary Education
  • English
  • Finance
  • Global Business
  • History 
  • Management 
  • Marketing
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Physical Education 
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Recreation Administration
  • Sociology
  • Therapeutic Recreation

Kean Ocean also offers a growing range of graduate degrees. So far they offer degrees in counseling, exercise science and nursing at the graduate level. To view more information on Kean Ocean's available degrees, check out the Academic Programs page on the Kean website and check off the "Kean Ocean-Toms River" option in the "Filter by Location" box. 

To register, Kean Ocean students must make an appointment with their adviser using AdvisorTrac and must continue meeting with their adviser at least once every semester to be able to register for the following semester. To register for classes, Kean Ocean students will also utilize Keanwise like all Kean students regardless of campus location. However, Kean Ocean students should confirm that the classes they are registering for take place at the Ocean County College campus by noting that the location for their classes is listed as "Ocean County College." All Kean Ocean classes take place at Ocean County College's Gateway Building (GATE) for the convenience of its students living in southern New Jersey.

Students who may have first applied to and are on route to receive their associate degree from Ocean County College can easily apply into the Kean Ocean program to take classes at Kean Ocean for a Kean attributed bachelor's degree. Students from Kean Ocean can also transfer to the Kean Union campus so long as they have at least a 2.0 GPA and 30 college credits. For more information on the transferring process, check the Kean Ocean Transfer Admission page on the Kean website.

Fortunately, students who prefer to stay at the Kean Ocean campus still receive the same high quality education and have similar involvement opportunities available.

Kean Ocean students can get involved in:

  • Funded Groups
  • Kean Ocean Programming Board
  • Students Advancing in Leadership (SAIL) Program
  • Student Government, Student Organization and Student Council

Like Kean Union, Kean Ocean clubs, activities and events can be found on Cougar Link for more information, while campus coverage of Kean Ocean can also be found in The Cougar's Byte.

Some amenities in place for Kean Ocean students include the following: 

  • Community Standards and Student Conduct
  • The Counseling Center
  • Disability Services
  • Health Services
  • Involvement Center

"Kean Ocean is unique in that our program provides all services necessary to students at this location, with the idea that students do not have to travel to Union. The size of the Kean Ocean campus community offers a unique, small and friendly environment where everyone knows students by name. Students are most welcome to visit the main campus, we encourage it, but for those unable to travel, the Kean Ocean Administrative Office has you covered with staff within the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Student Accounting and Transfer Services," said Morlando-Byrne.

For a general description of any one of these programs, check out the Kean Ocean Campus Life page on the Kean website.

For more information on everything Kean Ocean, visit the Kean Ocean page of the Kean website or contact a Kean Ocean representative at (732) 255-0356, email at Moreover, one can visit the Kean Ocean Administration Office in the Gateway Building, Room 103. 

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