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Freshman and transfer students learned about the various resources at the Nancy Thompson Library Commons

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Snack & Chat

Students were led throughout the Nancy Thompson Library Commons to learn about the resources that are available to them.

Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

The Graduate and Part-Time Student Council, the Nancy Thompson Library Commons and the Office of Student Success and Retention teamed up to host an event called Snack & Chat Feb. 28. The purpose of this event was to invite freshman and transfer students to ensure that they are educated on all of the resources that are available to them to help enhance their learning. 

Snack & Chat began in the lobby of the Library, where students signed in and were able to meet some of the tutors that work at the Tutoring Center. The students were then given a punch card and were assigned a tutor, who led the students on a scavenger hunt tour of the Library. This allowed attendees to get to know the tutors and become more comfortable with them, in case one wanted to schedule an appointment at the Tutoring Center. 

The first stop on the punch card was at the Writing Center, which is located in Room 108. Students were informed about the Writing Center and the different ways students could utilize the center. For example, students can schedule tutoring sessions where tutors will examine and aid students in their writing process. They help students with assignments in all subjects, such as lab reports, essays, job applications, creative writing and more. 

Students were informed on all of the services that The Writing Center has to offer. 

The Writing Center has a few different options for appointments. They offer the traditional in-person sessions, which are 45 minutes each. Additionally, they offer two types of online tutoring. They have a live-chat, which allows students to talk to their coach online and help them with their writing. This is recommended for shorter sections of papers in order to focus on a specific component or aspect of a piece. The second type of online tutoring is through email, where students can upload a file and send it to their coach who will edit it and then send the document back. Email tutoring is recommended for longer pieces and pieces that are in the final stages of writing. 

To book an on-site appointment with the Writing Center, visit TutorTrac, call (908) 737-4793 or book an in-person appointment in Room 108. To book a live-chat appointment, visit For any questions, feel free to visit, call or email

The next stop was the Kean University Speech and Presentation Lab, also known as the Public Speaking Lab, located next door in Room 107. This lab helps students who need assistance in public speaking and is available to all majors. Students can come here and practice their presentations in front of the staff and receive tips for improvement. 

To contact the Public Speaking Lab or make an appointment, call (908) 737-4604, visit TutorTrac or email

Lastly, students were guided to the Tutoring Center, located on the second floor of the Library. This is where students can make appointments to get help in courses from introductory-level to senior-level courses. Sessions can be one-on-one or in groups to fit students needs. Tutors are specialized in certain subjects to aid students in their learning, ultimately positively impacting their grades. 

To schedule an appointment at the Tutoring Center call (908) 737-4681 or visit TutorTrac

Students spun the wheel and answered Kean trivia questions!

After students visited the three destinations and got the corresponding punches on their card from each location, they were invited to Room 213. Students indulged in pizza while chatting with their student peers. Additionally, there was a questionnaire game where students spun a wheel and answered a question regarding Kean based on where the wheel landed. If students answered correctly, they won a pair of warm ear muffs. 

Cole Morrissey, a tutor at the Tutoring Center, said, "A lot of times people don't realize the resources they have, so this is a good opportunity for people to be able to not only see what we have, but interact with the people they're actually going to receive these services from."

The Snack & Chat event was a beneficial way for Freshman and transfer students to become educated on the helpful resources that are offered at the Nancy Thompson Library Commons. 

For more information visit the library's website.

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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