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Kean's Co-Curricular Transcript program provides a glimpse into a student's experiences outside the classroom

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Thrive Outside The Classroom

Utilizing the Co-Curricular Transcript is important in tracking involvement and acknowledgements in a single, organized place.

Kieffer Braisted, Staff Writer

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official record of a student’s involvement in educational experiences outside of the classroom. The CCT program is specifically designed to add incentive to student involvement in the learning process by documenting academic experiences that take place elsewhere beside the classroom.

Additionally, the CCT aims to bring the student’s personal journey to the forefront and provide an accurate glimpse into the individual's skill set and attributes. Students should aim to take on extra ventures that exemplify how they thrive outside the classroom. In turn, the CCT can increase a student’s marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools who are seeking students who are committed and driven to the development of leadership.

"The CCT is a great way to get all of your undergraduate involvement onto one piece of paper," said the Center for Leadership and Service's Co-Curricular Transcript specialist Emely Hernandez. "It is truly a great addition to anybody's resume."

Before obtaining an official CCT, it is recommended that prospective students visit Cougar Link to view their unofficial Co-Curricular Transcript in the event that any changes are necessary.

Upon logging into Cougar Link, one can view their unofficial CCT here.

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a verifiable university document that bears the University seal. The CCT can be customized to better compliment an academic transcript or a resume upon request.

The Co-Curricular Transcript was developed around four main learning components. Transcript entries will directly reflect student involvement in various activities sponsored by the university and must meet the criteria of at least (but not limited to) one of the four learning components, which are explained in detail below:

  1. AWARDS, HONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Acknowledges distinguished academic or personal achievement garnered whilst the student attends Kean University.
  2. STUDENT ORGANIZATION AND LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: Reflects student membership and involvement in university-recognized clubs and organizations. One must be a member of an organization or club for at least one semester and obtain a certification of organizational contributions by the Director of Student Activities or a designee from their respective parties.
  3. EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS AND PROGRAMS: Attendance and involvement at Kean University-sponsored workshops and seminars presented by various outlets such as professional educators, scholars or certified practitioners visiting or sponsored by the university. Participation in this component is designed to boost a student’s personal, academic and/or cultural development.
  4. COMMUNITY SERVICE AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Attendance and participation at Kean University-sponsored events and activities that demonstrate a commitment to civic responsibility and volunteerism. Such activities and events must foster citizenship, political awareness, public service and charitable contributions in order to qualify.

After one determines where their contributions fall into the aforementioned components, the next step in the process is validating their CCT with the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS).

All validated, official Co-Curricular Transcripts are official documents and thus property of Kean University, which bear the university seal. All entries and events listed on this transcript are verifiable and approved by the Center for Leadership and Service in the Miron Student Center (MSC), Room 215 and Room 219, under the direct authority and advisement of the Vice President for Student Affairs. 

Once one has confirmed that their information is accurate and all of their desired entries are listed, please complete the online Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form by clicking here

It must be noted that the student's confidentiality is of utmost concern when dealing with CCTs. The official Co-Curricular Transcript will only be released to the student requesting said document. Copies will not be sent directly to employers or graduate schools, as this is the responsibility of the student. Transcript(s) can either be mailed to the student or the student can pick up the official copies in person at the CLS.

Please note that it takes up to four business days for official CCT copies to be picked up and up to 10 business days for official copies to be received through postal mail. 

It should also be noted that, contrary to an official academic transcript, the Co-Curricular Transcript is free of charge to any and all Kean students and alumni.

Additionally, there will be a CCT information tabling session from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Miron Student Center (MSC) Atrium Thursday, March 28. Additional details can be found on Cougar Link.

For more information on the CCT, visit the the official Kean CCT information web page.

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