10 High-Paying Jobs for Humanities

Students majoring in humanities have a possibility of landing high-paying jobs

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10 High-Paying Jobs for Humanities
The Center for Academic Success is a building that holds various humanities majors for students at Kean University.
Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Kean University is an institution with many majors and programs that can lead its students to high-paying jobs. Under the College of Liberal Arts are various programs like communication, economics, history, English, psychology and more. According to EAB, these are 10 high-paying jobs that could potentially be given to students with humanities majors.

EAB is a firm that uses research, technology and consulting to help understand challenges with the educational system. Through its firm, EAB works with colleges, universities, community colleges and various other educational institutions to build progress in educational development.

According to EAB, its "mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We achieve this by living our firm values each and every day."

Moreover, with this mission in mind they have created an article detailing 10 high-paying jobs for humanities majors that want to land jobs after college.

Here are the following occupations listed from highest to lowest median salary below:

  • Education administrator: This position requires individuals to oversee day-to-day tasks of the schools, ranging from day care centers to universities.They also need to have leadership skills, as part of their role is to provide leadership in times of crisis and to serve as a positive influence in a time of need. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $81,630.
  • Technical writer: These writers are in high demand, as they are in charge of writing product manuals, how-to guides, journal articles and other forms of technical information. Since the job of a technical writer is to make things clear for products, one needs to have verbal communication and written skills. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $70,930.
  • Broadcast news analyst: These individuals analyze, examine and interpret broadcast news from different sources. Commonly known as newscasters and news anchors, news analysts also write commentaries and scripts, while coordinating broadcast programs. In this job, one needs to have critical thinking, writing skills, verbal skills, active listening and coordination. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $62,910.
  • Writer and author: Within this career, one has free reign to showcase their skills and to build a platform for their work. As an author and writer, one should have communication skills, observation skills, reasoning, problem solving and knowledge of grammar. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $61,820.
  • Training and development specialist: These individuals help plan, conduct and administer programs that train employees, by improving their skills and knowledge. It is expect that one has analytical skills, instructional skills, interpersonal skills and verbal skills. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $60,360.
  • Human resources specialist: In this position, individuals are in charge of preparing and updating employment records, hiring prospective employees, transferring employees, promoting them and terminating them. In order to have this position, one must have critical thinking, decision-making skills, computer skills and verbal and written skills. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $60,350.
  • Public relations specialist: In this position, one works as a representative of a firm for news media firm representatives to the news media. A specialist also acts as connection between their firm, the client and the public. In order to become a PR specialist, one must have communication skills, understand social media techniques, strategic thinking and writing ability. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $59,300.
  • Editor: A person in this position plans, coordinates and revises publication materials for books, newspapers, magazines and websites. To be an editor, one must have good grammar, research skills, communication skills and work well with others. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $58,770.
  • Secondary school teacher: Individuals in this position educate children ages 11 to 18 in particular subjects like mathematics or English. Since this job requires lesson planning and preparation, skills such as communication skills, understanding of course material and building relationships with the children are important. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $57,720.
  • Fundraiser: As a fundraiser one organizes events and campaigns to raise money for an organization. In this position one works to provide awareness to the organization's mission, work efforts and financial need. It is important for these individuals to have communication skills, be detail orientated, interpersonal skills and organizational skills. According to CNBC, the median annual wage is $55,640.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, effective communication, strong writing, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence are the common skills needed to land these jobs.

CNBC analyzed these skills, alongside career outcomes that students might not be aware of.

  • The first career outcome is learning technical skills. According to Burning Glass, technical skills can double the number of jobs students are qualified for and raise their average salary potential by $6,000.
  • The second career outcome is understanding that a humanities major doesn't always provide humanities jobs. Jobs like fundraiser, human resource specialist and training specialist are examples of different jobs students can have.

For more information on these jobs and the skills needed to obtain these jobs, visit EAB to learn more.

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