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The School of Communication, Media and Journalism now offers a social media minor

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Get Social With This Minor
The CMJ houses the social media minor.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

With the prominence and advancement of technology and specifically social media in society, the School of Communication, Media and Journalism (CMJ) has added a new minor for students that are interested in becoming more immersed in the online world. Students are now eligible to take courses and minor in social media, which is a great tool to have in this ever-advancing society.

In this minor, students will become educated on the digital world and benefit from social media, including the business aspect of social media. Students will overall become more knowledgeable on communication and how social media platforms have impacted and enhanced it.

Dr. Jonathan Mercantini, acting dean of the College of Liberal Arts which houses the CMJ, said, "Social media is an essential means of communicating now, both among friends but also for businesses. So students with a social media minor will be well positioned on the job market to show they have the skills that an employer needs. Plus, thinking about what makes social media posts effective would be an important way of seeing the world."

The social media minor is a cumulative of 18 credits, and is broken down into three sections.

First, students must complete the COMM 3533 Social Media course, the first section of the minor.

The second section of the minor requires student to choose two out of the three following courses:

  • COMM 2503 Mass Media
  • COMM 2920 Introduction to Journalism
  • COMM 3660 Public Relations

Lastly, students must choose three of the following courses, excluding the ones chosen from section two:

  • COMM 2403 Production Foundation
  • COMM 3917 Sports Writing
  • COMM 3920 Specialty Writing for the Web
  • COMM 3675 Media Advertising
  • COMM 3915 Feature Writing
  • COMM 4620 Public Relations Writing
  • COMM 3003 Media Journalism
  • COMM 3505 Media Criticism
  • COMM 3910 Advanced Journalism
  • COMM 2503 Mass Media
  • COMM 2920 Introduction to Journalism
  • COMM 3660 Public Relations

One should note that additional 3000 and 4000 level communications courses may be substituted; however, one must get faculty advisement for the courses to be accepted. Also, students majoring in communications are not eligible for the social media minor as they are already required or choose to take these courses.

Although students that are already studying communications cannot undertake the social media minor, there are many majors that compliment this minor. In fact, in the way that today's society is advancing, this minor may be one of the most versatile for different majors. Some examples of majors that the minor pairs well with are business majors such as marketing or management. Also, Liberal Arts majors such as political science, psychology, sociology and history also work well with the social media minor; however, the options are limitless.

Overall, it is a good idea for students to think about undertaking a minor, especially one that will be useful in one's major and the ever-changing world.

Dr. Mercantini said, "I strongly recommend students do a minor. It is a good way of structuring free electives and of showing prospective employers that you have additional skills and training that can set you apart on the job market.

For more information regarding the social media minor, be sure to contact the CMJ by visiting in-person at the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Room 402 or contacting Dean Jack Sargent at (908) 737-0460 or

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Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

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