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Students can accelerate to graduation sooner by taking courses in the Summer Sessions

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School For The Summer
Located on the first floor of CAS, the One Stop Service Center is where students can go with questions regarding registration and much more.
Shannon Sheehan, Staff Writer

For those unaware, in addition to the Fall and Spring semesters Kean University also offers two Summer Sessions. This allows and encourages students to take more credits and ultimately complete their degree in a more efficient manner. The first Summer Session is quickly approaching, therefore this will include all of the information that students should be aware of regarding the Summer Sessions.

For the Summer Sessions, students are able to enroll in no more than six credits per session, ultimately being able to take 12 credits if one enrolls in both sessions. This is the equivalence of the number of credits one can take in the Fall or Spring semesters, meaning that it can really positively impact one's credits and further excel them to completing their degree even sooner.

For science courses with a lab, students can be considered for special consideration for seven to eight credits if one contacts the Office of the Registrar.

Carolina Guerra, a representative from the One Stop Service Center, said, "A student can benefit from summer classes by completing a certain amount of credits in a short amount of time. This is especially beneficial for students who want to walk in May and need to complete a few more credits to graduate."

There are varying week lengths for the different courses that are offered. The dates of the Summer Sessions 2019 are as follows:

  • Summer Session I Four-Week In-Person: May 28 - June 20
  • Summer Session I Five-Week In-Person Courses: May 28 - June 27
  • Summer Session I Six-Week In-Person: May 28 - July 3
  • Summer Session I Eight-Week Online: May 28 - July 18
  • Summer Session II Four-Week In-Person: July 8 - Aug. 1
  • Summer Session II Five-Week In-Person: July 8 - Aug. 8
  • Summer Session II Six-Week In-Person: July 8 - Aug. 15
  • Summer Session II Eight Week Online: July 8 - Aug. 29

Summer courses are usually offered Monday through Friday; however, there are some exceptions for Saturdays.

Additionally, depending on the course, some of the summer courses are split into the two Summer Sessions. This means that students will take the first part in Summer I and complete the course in Summer II.

Kean University also welcomes students from other institutions to register for the Summer Sessions. One must be in good academic standing and is also required to either submit official transcripts, an official enrollment verification from their current school on letterhead or provide one's diplomas. Prospective students must submit these documents to the Office of the Registrar in order for them to review one's information.

Students can see when they are eligible to register for the Summer Sessions by referring to the Registration Information page, as it depends on one's credits that they have already completed.

For information regarding the cost to attend the Summer Sessions, visit the Tuition and Fees Chart. The price varies based on the amount of credits one is intending to take.

If one has questions regarding Financial Aid for the Summer Sessions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (908) 737-3190 or

For general questions regarding the Summer Sessions, make sure to contact the Office of the Registrar at (908) 73-REGME (737-3463) or

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